Competitve/relaxed rank 68 guild recruiting

s&k’s reqs are guild event participation, 750 seals, 100t, and 500g per player level for those with kingdoms at 10. And our sister guild is available for anybody lower than lvl 400 that needs a home. Message me on here or on Xbox via GaruTheNinja777 if interested.

Hey, how many spots you have available?

I’d have to check about s&k, but there’s a spot or two free in our second guild. What level are you?

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I’m lvl 1125 and my friend just hit over lvl 1000! I’m deployed right now but able to play every day! Me and my homie need a guild that contribute more and do weekly events!

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We can make 2 spots for you, when are you looking to join?

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Just updated our rank.

Updated rank again.