Looking to join a top 6 guild

Hello, I’m looking to join a top 6 guild. I donate between 750-1mill/wk. 300 trophies/ week and 1500 seals. I’m currently level 778 and climbing. I’m part of the guild Joshatron now. We are #10 on the leader boards. Lemme know. Aaron

Dont open same post multiple times.

Sorry bro, one was in guild chat.

You still looking? Level 15 guild

Forget that UNSC ^ requires all kingdoms at level 10 and join the number 6 guild Gem Assassins who can let you grow as a player. Too many BIRCH style requirements makes this a more of a job than a game.

You can either contact @Moon here or me Mulleary on XBone.

Thanks anyways, I found a good home.

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Good to here fellow gem master. May your mana surge be plentiful.

That is not a requirement. Get your facts right. We let you grow as a player.