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Unprofessional tech support

You responded to my ticket yet beat around the bush and nothing was addressed. I responded to your reply and got totally ignored and ticket was closed. Not happy at all.

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Tickets reopen if you reply to the last email. Or you can go on the support website and reopen them yourself.
Not speaking to your experience with support. Solely in regards to your options as a customer.

They closed it so they didnt give a crap. I have better luck with 505 support anyways.

Hello @truethat, our tech support is primarily used for technical issues, such as lost account, missing purchases, or other similar issues.

If your ticket was a report or about a ban, we can’t often respond. We look into all reports made, but do not confirm when someone is banned as it can lead to witch hunts and players being attacked. If any player is reported and found violating community guidelines they will be banned for a length of time that is appropriate based on the infraction.

Our tech support is focused on helping with technical issues, so doesn’t often respond to feedback. If you have feedback please feel free to leave it here. (As you have, thank you!)

Previously we received bug reports through support, but we moved these to the forums for a few reasons. The main one is that it helps other players see what the key issues are, and they can add to each others bug reports which will let us look into issues further and with more information at our disposal. Having them on the forums often means that simple issues with work arounds are responded to by our team or other players more quickly, so players can return to the game much faster than if they were waiting on a reply to a ticket.

Please let us know how you feel our support processes can improve. We won’t be able to take feedback through support or comment on bans for the reasons I listed above, but if you have other ideas we would love to hear them. We are dedicated to improving the game and our processes where possible, so please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

You are welcome to contact 505 support, but please be aware that our in-house agents understand the game more inherently and can provide more assistance.

(PS, if you reply with your ticket number we are happy to look into this further. We would love to help, so we welcome you to post it here or contact @Kafka or myself privately with it. Whatever makes you most comfortable.)