Really Slow response time....again

Resolved here.

Your ticket was listed under bug reports section. An agent will have reviewed your ticket and seen that you had lost rewards and so moved it to the correct section so it would receive a higher priority in the list.

Bug reports are purely for the reporting errors in the game, and have lower priority than players who have lost rewards.

As we recently had an client update to fix a few issues, support has received a higher number of tickets than normal which has caused this delay. We ask that you please bear with us while we assist players who are having trouble with their game.


I have sent in a support ticket 6 days ago…will be a week old in a few hours…it’s totally been ignored…did it get lost in the shuffle?..anyone else have a ridiculously Slow response time this/last week?

There has apparently been a huge influx in tickets over the last couple weeks, and the support people are working overtime to catch up. So I’m guessing it’s still there and they’re getting to it.

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Ahh, that would explain it…Thanx @Ozball

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It’s almost like Guild Wars launched broken, and then they launched for consoles too before they had it fixed…

Things are VERY slow on the ticket response again…anyone know what’s going on? I have 2 tickets still active. @Sirrian @Nimhain @Lila36 ?

There’s been a huge influx of tickets since 3.1, so support is still playing catch up. They are doing their best to get to tickets as fast as possible.

I submitted a ticket last week on monday, still waiting. You’re not alone, thats for sure.

Hi Wishkiller,

I’m just about to send you a response. And it’s sent :slight_smile: .


Mobile here. I have one ticket from Monday not of this week, not of last week, but the week before that. F2P so I guess I shouldn’t expect anything.

Hello HiGi,

Tickets are not sorted by VIP priority. Instead, they are sorted by how urgent they are, with purchase issues and lost accounts being quite important, and something else’s and bug reports being a little lower on the list. What is your ticket number?

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Nice hair dye salty :slight_smile:

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It is 42206. I was asking about the issue where I constantly had to download 2.15 MB which was not listed in the known issues thread despite that some members here also seemed to have encountered it, and was only looking for an acknowledgment that you know the issue exists which I thought should not take over 2 weeks. I’d like to know whether you intend to fix it because my data plan can’t stand another month of this.

Our support agents are going to look into your ticket now. Unfortunately, this is a problem that it looks like we don’t have a fix for yet. They will respond as soon as they can.

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Thanks! Again I am only looking for an assurance that the issue is being worked on.

Are we swamped? Yes, yes we are.

We are also training our new support humans. What ticket number are you waiting on?

I need a ticket number please. :slight_smile:

Um, @Wishkiller, you submitted this yesterday. We have a backlog and are doing our best to get through older queries first. We will be with you as soon as we can.

Every morning we sort all the tickets to make sure they are in the correct query types.