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Really Slow response time....again

I have had 2 tickets waiting for 3 and 4 days respectively number 51296 and number 51336…the first one being way more important to Me…guess you guys are backed up again? @Lila36, @Ozball

Due to the Holiday Season, support may take longer than normal to get back to some tickets.

@Nimhain i didin’t receive my gw reward for the last gw, i only received the 50 seals and xp boost but no troop and no gems. Can anyone of you check that please?

It’s on xbox one
Guild of thieves. And we finished first
Gamertag psyconaz
Invite code psyconaz666

Have you sent in a ticket regarding it? If you do so we can Ricky, or if you have please provide us with your ticket number.

Sorry @salty i tried several time and i was getting error msg so i don’t have ticket number this is why i asked you guys.

Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do without a ticket. (Our system is set up so we can help best when enquiries are run through support.)

Ok salty ty no prob i will just forget that. it’s not like i paid for it

@Saltypatra i finally was able to send the ticket

Ticket: #33359

Can you help me please?

@Nimhain is looking into it for you now.

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Ty @Saltypatra for the answer, let’s hope
She got good news for me