Ticket Response Time?

I cannot login to my account since sunday… my backup savegame on google play cloud is corrupt and cannot load… and when i try to restore my account via password i get a token mismatch error.
I have submitted my ticket ( [#100319) on sunday so how long does it usually take for support to react and help to recover an account? I was looking forward to participate in a GW again… but then this happened >_<

Hello Kouji, have you tried reinstalling the game and then re-linking your account? If that doesn’t work let me know, and I’ll see if we can get your ticket looked at a little sooner.

Hi Saltypatra, yes i have. I tried reinstalling, tried it on Steam, tried it on a 2nd Phone… always get the Token Mismatch error when i try to reset the password.

If i try to use the Google Backup Cloud this happens: Video

On my Huawei Phone i get a different error than the loop it says Error CS02 or CS04

thank you! would really appreciate the help

How long does it take to fix an issue? It’s frustrating that I cannot access my account for over 12 hours. I sent a ticket, got a response early in the morning my time, sent a response 5 hours later and still waiting. I admit that I’m far from the patient type and I spent too much time and money to start over…

From what other players are reporting up to several months. We’ve been given to understand this is only a temporary situation, unfortunately it’s been getting worse instead of better over the past year. Account issues seem get treated with higher priority, you may need a dev to bump your ticket up though.

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Thx Fourdottwoome. @Saltypatra @Kafka please help… Don’t know any other people working at 505

I am not sure if @Kafka still works for them.

Really? Well Kafka was the one to email me though.

ok, maybe just inactive here.

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Gotcha. Well it’s been 12hours officially since support first contact with me…:expressionless:

She joined the other developers that retired from the forums after the “22 star kingdom…bug… But not a bug… debacle” I think Salty only uses the forums because it’s her job. The others however aren’t paid to do so, so they don’t. 🤷

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