Really bad ticketsupport


what is this at GoW for a bad support?

My ticket exists since 6 days, is always opened by the support, but no editing takes place.

How long we have to wait for a response from the support? Main thing we will pay many Euros!

Ticket-Id: 42447 = 6 Days
Ticket-Id: 42762 = 3 Days

With disappointed greetings

  • Broesel01 -

The Customer Service folks don’t work on the weekends, so if you put in a ticket near the end of the week you could run into a delay because of that.

They’re also based in Australia so there is likely a large time zone difference from where you are (I am assuming you’re in EU based on your comment about Euros).

There are a limited amount of CS folks, so if a lot of people are submitting tickets, there can be a wait. I’ve never had them not answer a ticket I submitted, though.

If the wait time is excessive enough for long enough, hopefully they can take on more people, though the devs on this forum likely have no control over that.

I’m sorry this probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

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Hi @Broesel01, we apologise for the delay and will be looking into your inquiry shortly. Thanks also to @Arelana.

Sorry to hear about this @Broesel0. Our support agents are looking into your tickets now.

We have had a huge influx of tickets after the 3.1 Update and we are currently playing catch up. Even I will likely jump onto support this afternoon to help out! We will do our best to reply to you as soon as we can.

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Wow. This shocks me I’ve put tickets in have"Gotten very quick answers" and results. Been a very happy customer :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I have contacted support on a couple of occasions and they were Always quick and helpful


Same here, very quick and effective support.
Maybe an automatic answer (“Hi, we’re looking into your problem, extimate time of response xxx days”) like the one on Google Play feedbacks?

Even if the game features got bugged, the balance got tipped and producers enforced a nasty economy change…
… Support is the one thing I cannot complain about. Always helpful, almost always on time, always professional …

Support is the one thing I believe they are better at than most companies out there.