[Resolved] Cant reply on open ticket

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Hi Everyone,

I had made a ticket over the Cliffy error and @OminousGMan was busy with it and last Monday I got a mail from him with the answers and explanation.
the status from ticket was waiting on reply from my side but I couldnt reply so I answered the mail but got the mail above back.

So I send here a pm @OminousGMan with my reply over the ticket.

Today I got an email that they’re still waiting on my reply, so I react again on that mail and got again the email above and in ticket what now has status open I cant reply

How can I close the ticket?
It feels not good that they have helped me and I cant thank them and said that Im okay with closing ticket.

Hi Shivandri,

Are you able to log in to the Support site? You mentioned you made a ticket - how did you create the ticket?

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Hi @OneWorld,

Thanks for your reply on my question sorry for late reaction im from the Netherlands was at 3 am not here any more LOL.
@OminousGMan has sent me a mail that it was come on the right place :star_struck: so Im glad that my feedback has been seen, and the ticket is solved/closed.

Pity enough, I saw that my visual disorder was the issue in this the reply option was under first post but after that post I had to send a view images and a message so it was become a long thread and I didnt suspect that there was the reaction mode and like here also I can read with my special software but not to much without taking pause.
So that makes that im much different player and member then the most here but coz im housebound and this is the only game I can still play ( on my own way!) I Like to be here coz it brings for me the world / social aspect to me and make my live bigger and more happy!
So I try to be a good member and help where I can and read to learn more or just to know what keep others busy in game!

So thanks for your reply and im glad to can say you its solved, Have a great time and much pleasure with GoW :star_struck:

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Hi Shivandri,

Glad your issue was resolved, and that you’re enjoying the game and community as well. :innocent:

Appreciate your positivity! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @OneWorld,

Thanks, Life is tough enough and for sure the last years everyone has much to buffer and still there is enough darkness, negativity in the world.

I live out my experience and life isnt meaned to be easy you must create your own luck, happiness and with a positive mindset its much easier to reach that and believe me nothing is for granted!
So Im grateful for what I still can and enjoy every moment/day and GoW and this community makes that I feel me closer connected with the world again!

So yeah there are things not okay and must be solved absolute (Im not closing my eyes or look away for things that are not good,) but I think that with keep the positive mindset we all can say what must be said and create a nice place to be for players and the mod’s/admin’s and dev’s so imo is that a place where both sides are being heard and make GoW a great game to play!

I appreciate that you and much others make this community a great place to read, learn and helping players to solve issues, bring in idea’s and create a nice ambiance to post here!

Have a great day/time and much pleasure with gemming :star_struck:

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