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After two weeks of waiting, can you please reply to my Support Ticket?

Greetings, developers!

@Kafka, @Saltypatra

I have a support ticket that’s still unaddressed for two weeks now.

I suppose I slipped under the radar somehow?

Case number: #95546

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Koromac / Bronka [Mean Machine]

Hi Bronka,

I’m very sorry for the wait, we’ve had staff out sick so we have a backlog.
I’ve checked your ticket and it’s on the first page of our list so we’ll get to you soon.


Of course. Not a problem. I hope they get well soon.

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Okay, I am still waiting to get my Support Ticket looked at and solved.

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Your ticket was answered today.

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Yes, it was answered but not addressed and solved in a way that I hoped it would be.

What’s the point of having the Support Team if they can’t reimburse or add missing troops?

Who’s authorized to do that if not the Support Team?

Nevertheless, I thank you for your response, Kafka.

To be clear, the troop wasn’t missing, there was no bug or technical issue.
We can only compensate if there’s an issue.

The troops and weapons weren’t listed for each Tier, at least in a prior update.
Yes, you could get a new troop, but it was not dislayed or shown there for each Shop Tier.

In any case, that’s the only reason why I forgot about it and missed it.

You can close this thread if you wish.