Support Request

Hello. I submitted a support request 11 days ago and I haven’t heard anything back. I’m just wondering if my request has got lost as it said 3-5 days when i submitted it. Thanks.

My ticket is #134568

Hey, I really want to apologise for the wait time on your ticket.

I went to check its status and I see it falls into a lower priority request type and there is a bit of a wait time on these.

It’s Thursday here now, and we still have quite a few higher priority requests we need to resolve before the weekend so we’ll endeavor to get back to you next week.

I’ve also bumped up the request for this to be something players can do in game themselves instead of needing assistance from customer experience.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hey there, thanks for getting back to me. It’s good to know you’ll get around to me eventually.

Being able to do it in game would be awesome, save us all some time lol

Thanks again.

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Hey there, it’s been 3 weeks now since i sent my request in and i haven’t heard anything back at all. Any idea how much longer it will be? Thanks.

Hello :slight_smile: @ViRUSfromMARS

Sorry about the wait time, and also thank you for providing your ticket number.

Please note that I’ve gone ahead and responded to your Support ticket.

And I’ve also confirmed and bumped the Quality of Life Request that Kafka originally created so that you guys would be able to change your guild names in-game!

Hello, thank you for responding but the guild name change isn’t fully correct.