Unintended Consequences of 4.7

Though I like trophies being every where. Your additional changes over the course of 2019 have also ruined PvP and the arena thus killing Pet Rescues as we know it.

There was no reason, and there is no reason, to keep pet gnomes exclusive to PvP and the arena. This should of been already thought out prior to 4.7 being released. It wasn’t. So here we are. Please fix.


It was thought about! That’s why there’s pet bait in the Guild Shop! WOOO!

…jokes aside, I agree that pet gnomes being restricted to just PVP at this point doesn’t really seem to make as much sense anymore since endgame players should generally stay clear of PVP and just play Explore at this point for resources.

It was true before the patch, but especially true now after the patch (even if they fix the gold balance issue).



Pet gnomes are restricted to PvP and arena?!?!
No wonder I’ve never seen one of those buggers in my life!
All other gnomes can be found in just about every other mode right? I don’t see them a lot, but then I thought that was intended.


Yes please bring the Pet Gnome to explore!


Didn’t they mention somewhere that they were looking at pet gnome situation and would consider adding to explore if enough percentage of playerbase’s focus shifted from PvP to explore?

But, yeah, lately even I’ve been getting a feeling that pet gnome is on its course for an article in endangered species list.


Why does this limitation even exist?
I understand that gnomes in general may be kept out of certain game modes (I’m not even sure which) to prevent unintentionally easy battles, or in a pet event for example to prevent waste or looping.
But surely all the gnomes are roughly equally easy to beat?

To force people into less-rewarding types of play. In other words, to slow down player progress even more, as seems to be the trend with every update.