Please do something about pet gnomes

since the 4.6 update that made explores great again there has been a direct impact on pet rescues since pet gnomes only appear in pvp which was also simultaneously hit with a gold nerf… less people are doing pvp we are getting less pet rescues… this makes completing kingdom power levels very difficult (more than they should be). I can think of a couple ways this issue could be fixed, either increase the spawn rate of pet gnomes in pvp or add the pet gnomes to other game modes.


I agree. The issue was brought up a while ago here:

Devs PLEASE give us Pet Gnomes in explore! 🙏

Maybe if enough people ‘vote’ by at least liking the OP’s post or commenting then something may change eventually? :pray:


Thanks barb…I posted also I think lol I would like your post but I don’t know how hahaha electronically challenged and this forum is just difficult for me I would also like to add we really need a second source to lvl pets like an orb or use souls something with all these cosmetic pets that never show back up we have no way to lvl them


very true and great idea with the orb!

But… They added $19.99 pet bait… The issue is solved to them.


The only suggestion I can think of to help (uber end-game) people make PvP a more attractive option is to intentionally hold back from gaining more stats from Delves and Kingdom Power levels so that you’re able to find more opponents at the same power level or 1-2k more.

Mithran mentioned this here:

Note that it won’t work if everyone does it!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: So only tell your bestest friends about this mad exploit :laughing: /s.

This is obviously a bit convoluted, and I fully agree with the below:

And just a reminder of the large consensus on this issue (second quoted post):

And Fleg’s one continues to trend upwards :stuck_out_tongue::