Devs PLEASE give us Pet Gnomes in explore! 🙏

Pet rescues are almost non-existent now with mostly everyone doing explore.


This should’ve been easily predicted.
So perhaps it was intended.
More gems for pets they will contend.
Actions like that will hasten the bitter end…


Pet Gnomes really do need to be added to Explore, especially considering the recent nerf to PvP gold. I don’t want to have to sacrifice rewards or deal with the same few defenses over and over just to try to get a Pet Gnome, and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Almost everyone in my guild is doing Explore for more gold as well as tokens, so I fear pet rescues will be few and far between. This is probably true for many guilds. So Devs, please consider making Explore another option for Pet Gnomes.


+100 to this


Shameless bump.


100% agree.


Please add pet rescue gnomes to explore! My guild went this entire weekend without triggering more than 5 rescues at most and I think that is a high estimate. We used to trigger them almost every hour on the weekends. Help, I miss rescuing pets!!!


I just hope that absolutely nobody has bought the “Guild Elite” thing in the guild shop since the update.

No need to encourage the publishers/devs to think that we are willing to pay a rather large amount of money to guarantee a Pet Gnome appearance. If people wanna spend money on the game for something more useful then great but this kind of thing is nonsense.

Still isn’t available for UK players anyway btw devs… keep it that way :laughing:


The pack gives 1 pet battles guaranteed in seven days, I bought it Monday and by doing pvp/cpvp I initiated dozens of pet battles this week…

I do hope they add the pet gnomes to all modes where gnomes pop, and up class exp to 2 across the board.

But the pack is for 500 gems, multiple clans orbs, and guild gifts, the main draw is not A single pet battle every seven days.

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This is beyond ridiculous. Our pet message group has 4 pets this week, and we have almost 25,000 trophies on the week.


If you’re not going to add pets to explore because it will “break the economy” or some bs excuse then at least give us the option of picking from 1 out of 3 so we have some chance of ever leveling them up.

Remember, pets are tied to kingdom progression, or did you get so blinded by greed that you expect us to buy our way to advance?


The new Explore mode already led to way less of my guild playing PVP besides hitting our trophy requirement.

But no one is playing PVP now due to 4.7 making Explore the best mode to farm trophies.

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Yes pet gnomes in explore please


Yes i agree. They had kill the pvp, why should i play pvp? We cant catch the pet gnome in explore mode.


Agreed…pet gnomes need to be accessible outside of pvp. There’s a new thread here somewhere where it is also suggested that the player who discovers and kills the gnome should get a pet he hasn’t already maxed (excluding faction pets); this would perhaps inspire players to do a little pvp themselves rather than wait for a guild mate to trigger a rescue.

Just wondering. …why does pans Vale constantly have 20% mythstone boost? That’s 1 arcane I don’t need due to the faction rewards given (I think) with Warrens. The bonuses should move frequently between kingdoms to add play variety and resource variety. That’s not happening at the moment.


@Saltypatra Any chance we could get some response to this thread’s request? Even just letting us know you have passed it along to the dev team would be good news to know.


Thought I would bump this since no feedback has been given by devs so far.

Possibly something was said about it on a stream but I do not watch them all and prefer official responses in the forums myself.


Unfortunate, because they prefer you to watch the stream to get your answer. :man_shrugging:


Lol. I’ve got too much grinding to do each week to watch someone stall for more viewers for a half hour.

Most of it in pvp trying to get pet gnomes so 80% of my guild can farm medals in explore


I actually do remember this being asked on a past dev Q&A stream. I think Sirrian said it made sense and they’d consider it, but was the last I heard about it. If I remember / have time, I’ll see if I can find when they talked about it.

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