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Undine and Blue day Guild Wars... anyone else having fun?

This Divine monstrosity was buffed to have a 20 mana cost. Very very fun to deal with. /sarcasm

Any one like Undine?

For me, it doesn’t help we’ve faced the same enemy guild on Blue day for the 3rd time in a row.

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Not really. It seems this troop was designed to troll us during Blue day…

It could be worse…You could have faced what we faced…Every time I think blue day cannot get any harder I do a double take when I see that it did again. Some of the stuff I faced I would have saved for another color day but oh well…It took me all day of practice but got a 5/0 over 9000…Red day was easier but not by much.

I’ve started logging the GW teams I face, and don’t have a lot of data yet but Undine’s only on 4/10 I’ve logged so far, and none of the ones I considered “hard”.

Undine is a great asset on blue gw days not a hindrance.

You mean an enemy Undine that can silence a full blue team for 20 mana that’s constantly repeatable isn’t a hindrance? Its not like a player owned Undine’s Submerge can protect against status effects.

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No it is not a hindrance because you should get your cast off way before the ai. People need to buck up and get off the witch hunts to get troops nerfed.

You’re not filling before the AI fills a 10 mana Undine if Undine is minimally blocked on Blue day.

Funny I do it consistently every time I use my blue team.

5-0 and 9k+ points versus a couple varieties of Undine teams in bracket 1. A good lineup and Undine isn’t a problem. Amira on the other hand is a nasty little vixen and caused me far more trouble.

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The only issue i have with Undine is when I speed thru matches and im not checking the enemies defense. Try going into a match against Undine with a full AOE team… now thats some fun times :grin:

But seriously as long as i know he is on a team, he is my fist target using single target troops. He is only anyoing if he catches you off guard being on a random team.

note: im mostly a free player at Vip 2 so i dont have free scouting

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Undine isn’t so bad in PvP defense since you’re not obligated to use Blue, but on Blue Guild Wars day where you pretty much have to 4 Blue troops or let your guild down in Bracket 1/higher brackets, it’s a nightmarish race against the clock.

Single target is definitely ideal, but its not always easy to fill the best answers before Undine gets a cast off.

Amira has never been a problem to me since it takes 2 casts of Amira to kill something. Oh, and you can still play the game while its trying to kill you.

Amira 1 shots blue troops and is super super cheap to fill. Amira wiped out my whole team in one of my matches yesterday. Undine when I faced didn’t get one cast off.

If Amira can’t get mana it cannot take out a troop. Same for Undine.

Amira only cost 13 to cast Undine takes 20.

Stonehammer, Undine, Anu, Divine Ish on blue day is the toughest battle in gw.

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Had that as my Def and it went 0/7 on blue day.