Guild Wars Color Days

If we are restricted to having a single color for our Attack/Offense teams to generate the highest possible points, then Defense teams should be required to maintain the same restriction on colors…green vs green, red vs red, etc.

I would love to see the daily color choices disappear altogether, or else make the Defense teams 100% restricted to only using the daily color choice including their weapon.

I think at the end of the day it’s just a design choice as to whether they want the fights to be harder or easier for one side or the other…since at the end of the day everyone has to abide by the same set of rules.

As it stands now, the power shifts to the defense in terms of team building because they have no restrictions…but general play always favors the attacker because we can make better decisions than the AI can.

The one thing I’d love to see balanced during GW specifically, if not entirely everywhere, is starting board RNG.

It’d be really nice if starting boards could be limited to some degree in a way that prevents one color of mana being next to non-existent on the board while another has like 18 gems of it out there.

Given that empowered converters and looping is such a massive part of defense teams these days, and that attack teams are more than likely going to need a specific kind of mana…the starting board can net you loss before the game really even starts sometimes…which is super demoralizing.

Without having to balance a single thing in the game, if they just put a little more control over how starting boards looked, we’d have all the intended advantages and disadvantages of the game mode that the dev team wants, with a bit more fairness.


Gw would be too easy if defense teams were restricted or if attack teams were not. If the starting boards were controlled to be even on gems I would never lose. The only reason ai ever beats me during wars is because they had the advantage of the starting board and I was not able to manipulate it in my favor which is like 5% of the time. I usually pull out those wins as well.


I think you should have to pay $10 per match each GW to unlock the ability to use any color you want.