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Gatekeeper guild wars

There is nothing worse than playing guild wars & facing the same gatekeeper teams regardless of color. Please explain why anyone should put time into color specific builds when you are going to face the same basic bitch gobtruffle, rope dart, & orbweaver teams regardless of what day it is? Why add a new grind like campaign when events such as guild wars are so very broken? Could the devs be any lazier? Thank you for enduring my rant.

tl:dr Running a gatekeeper team with no corresponding color should multiply your guild’s score by 0.

Color restrictions are only intended for offense, not defense.

You get bonus points for playing on-color when you attack regardless of what your defense is for that day, or whether the troops on your defense happen to match the color being used on offense (free advice: it often probably shouldn’t be).

Defensive bonus points, on the other hand, are given for using 6 uniques teams with 24 unique troops across the week (so someone who wants max points can’t just use gobtruffle as their defense each day, but they can run a gobtruffle, then a life and death, then so on and so forth through the other metas, like Rope Dart and Yao Guai and Zuul’Goth…)


As @Magnusimus explained, part of the fun/ challenge of Guild Wars is thinking about what successful defence to use on which colour day to either try to force the attacking member into going off colour for the win or just to loose because of less effective on colour troops.

[Edit- Asked to remove my own ideas because others share them]

Defences should be unique and difficult to beat on colour, the same teams are seen over and over because they are proven to be harder to beat and a successful guild wants few points scored against them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than seeing a non meta team when I go to attack… Easier points, yes please, also if an enemy team is running troops with that days colour, they are usually running that colour storm too and that’s going to help me beat them faster too, I understand your frustration but unfortunately it is by design.