Defense bonus from color

My guild mates are in some disagreement, so I thought I’d ask the experts. Most of us believe that we get bigger bonuses if you play a defense team that’s the color of the day. Others think the only thing that matters is that your troops are unique throughout the week.

Anyone know the rules?

The color bonus applies on the invade team only.

You get a bonus of 500 points for each unique troop on your defense team daily, for a maximum of 12,000 points if you have 24 unique troops on your 6 daily defense teams.

The color of the defense troops does not affect scoring directly, but you could actually be handicapping yourself if you limit yourself to a 4x color team that matches the invaders.


As Stan said, Guild Wars defense teams should get no bonuses from using the matching color for the day. Points for Defense teams are based on using 24 unique troops.

Color bonuses only apply for the invading team.


So NOT intuitive, given the big color band where you can set your teams.

Thank you for clearing that up.

The color bands are so you know what color that day is so you can potential set up teams to counter that color for your opponent.

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I see teams in bracket ONE play single color defense teams all the time lol

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Personally I think color bonuses for defenders would make GW more interesting. It’s hardly different from ranked PvP, because the defense teams are overwhelmingly troll/kraken/mab, krystenax/tds, wisp/krystenax, psion/famine, justice league, forest guardian/kerberos, and other cookie-cutter meta teams. Booooring.

Ummm, you are aware of the large bonus defenders get for 6x4 unique troops?

Yes, and whether I was aware of that bonus wouldn’t change the lack of variety I’ve been seeing in guild wars opponents. I see maybe half a dozen teams over and over in pvp, and I see maybe half a dozen teams over and over in GW. Each player choosing one of a few meta teams and using it every day isn’t very much different from every player using one of a few meta teams on each day.