Guild Wars colour days


Is there any advantage to creating and using different colour teams for each day of guild wars? For example using a blue team for the day in guild wars on the blue colour day?


for attacking its more points.


On a blue day, you get a bonus per blue troop in the team you attack with. The bonus is determined by your blue guild guardian level and can go up to 50%. So if you attack with 4 blue troops you get a bonus of 200% which translates to triple the amount of points.
So yes, I highly reccommend using troops of the day’s colour pretty much always.


Yes, you get significantly more points for attacking (and winning) with 4 troops of each Daily Color (Example: Sunday is Yellow troop day). For defense, you get 500 points for each unique troop you use for a max of 12000 points for the full 6 defense team days.