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PVP Defenders for a new guy

I am currently at lvl 600+. How do I pick a good defending team for both PVP and GW?

Only been in game a couple of weeks.

Thanks for any help

For PVP you dont need a necessearly good team, you get rewards for loosing as well, and you get the chance for revans battles, what gives for you more glory. Every week you could pick the colors they need for events if you could get them in PVP battles. Ex.: if for event rewards you need to fight against purple enemys, you could put purple team for defend.
For guild war, every day is a different colour day, so you need to pick a team what against that colour is good. Ex.: on Red days if peoples want get the max point in GW they need to attack you with full red team, you need a defense team what is good against red team. You could set up 6 different defend team for the different coloured days, and i recomend it, you could get more points if in total you have 24 different troop for GW defend. If you want get exact teams for guild war look around here in the forum, or ask your guild. I recomend Tacet youtube channel as well, but i dont know when he has put a video about recent guildwars defend team, but at least you could get an idea from it.