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Any Detailed Explanations for Guild Wars Colors?

I know there is this, here.

But, my main, and pretty much only question is does this color bonus apply to the defending teams or the attack teams you use?

I see that we have to set up different defense teams for each day, but they are also accompanied by the daily colors. So, I’m assuming that means the defense team will get the bonus, but how would that be applied if you only have your points shown when you win or lose a battle while attacking?

Does it apply to both the attacking team AND the defense team? Or does the amount of respective color troops on your defense team affect your attacking teams score, i.e. does having 4 red troops set for defense, with a 20% boost per troop effect your attacking teams score of 1000, making it 1,800?

Any insight into this topic would be greatly appreciated.

On offense, color matters
On defense, uniqueness matters

That’s it.

Offense, repeats are allowed.
Defense, color doesn’t matter.

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So, I should basically have a team for each color whilst attacking? That will make for some extensive grinding.

It gives you something to do at least. If you’re resourceful, you can use the same troop on offense on multiple days.

Winning versus losing matter more than any score multipliers, and with a color boost of only 20% per troop, the performance modifiers also matter more than the color boosts. I’d just go with a team you are comfortable with while maybe subbing out to try and have 2 or 3 of the days color at that point.

Yeah, I’ve just been running my main team for all the wins, but my top troop is completely optional with my current set up. If anything, I’ll just sub him out depending on the color day.