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Guild Wars Needs Reworked

Losing points to teams that don’t even have the correct designated colors for that specific day/war is silly.

Defenses don’t have color restrictions. The only restriction of sorts defenses have is in order to maximize points earned, all 24 troops/weapons used can only be used once.


Might I also add, there is no “correct” colours. Using the colour of the day will get you bonus points, but you’re not restricted to them. If you’re losing with a full yellow team, put in a troop that doesn’t use yellow for example. You’ll get fewer points when winning, but it will still be a lot more than you get when you lose.


Perhaps, but if you progress up the GW later - taking the easy way out will cost you and your guild needed points. Being limited on color seems to be the point of it.

It takes time to amass the troops needed to confidently go full colour if ur in a reasonably high bracket. I think I was about level 1100 in B3 before I was ready to make that step.

Instead of a GW rework the person complaining needs to figure out what they are doing. Join a discord and folks will likely be willing to explain to you how to play on DEF and Attack.

What, no link? I didn’t stick around The Unforgiven discord long enough to check it out, but one of your guilds is in top bracket, so I imagine some good ideas get shared. And U3 gave us some good fights as well. U2 will have to wait while we rearm and refit.

There is still some rework to be done to GW in my opinion, mostly pertaining to dead/dying guilds still getting to auto-register every time someone logs into the Guild tab.

I’m lowest rank in my guild, and therefore shouldn’t even be able to register. And yet due to the visual glitch that says we aren’t registered, it says we are once I collect seals or donate gold.


Be aware, though, that our Wars channels aren’t open to the public. We love to teach — but we don’t want to coach the opponent(s), either, so the onky way we’ll do that is for players who fight with us just long enough to leaen, then take their banners elsewhere (not that I encourage such behavior :joy:)

All top 4 of our guilds are in the Top 10 Brackets — join The Unforgiven today as we make it 5, and crusade to slay the dragons, and the sneaky elvish skulkers who take things in the night, and YES! EVEN ORCS who do not join OUR HORDE will taste the mud as our maces knock them down, much as I love my brethren on any other week!

U1: Bracket 1, Top 3
U2: Bracket 2-3
U3: Bracket 5-6
U4: Bracket 8 (I think—maybe higher this time)
U5: Climbing the ranks, starting Tuesday — still time to join if there is any interest from brown mana users :muscle:

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