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Guild War scoring

Hey all!! I apologize if this a repeat and/or dead issue but I’m confused about GW scoring. I use the daily colors and I’m still falling down the totem pole in my guild. My question(s) are this: Does having my hero in the mix help? Does having the hero work against me? Does my defense team work against me? Does having team bonuses help or do my teams need to be 4 unique troops? (By that I mean having 3-4 troops from the same kingdom/type) Thanks!!

Parameters that helps scoring :
-Totem levels of the guild
-Using troops of the right color when attacking
-Number of your troops alive at the end of battle
-Ratio mana collected / enemy mana collected
-Turns taken to defeat the ennemy (including extra turns)
-Ratio damage dealt / damage taken (ignores insta kills)
-Number of unique troops used in each of the 6 guild war defense deck in the whole week

That’s about all the parameters I know about.


Also, the game shouldn’t care about whether your hero takes a slot, as long as the weapon they’re using is the right color. (Haven’t ever used a hero myself, but I feel sure I would have heard complaints if the hero didn’t count.)

Team bonuses aren’t relevant, and you should be able to repeat troops on your attack teams and still get full points for color. It’s only defense where unique troops earn points.


I can confirm this, I use the hero on yellow days lately and there’s no difference in scoring :slight_smile:

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Sweet thank you all!! I really appreciate it :smile:

your defense team can work against you in scoring, you need all 6 days 4 unique troops (total 24 troops) in order to maximise points from defense


As Annaerith says, nobody has mentioned that fielding 6 unique defence teams are worth 2000 points every day. The 2000 points are added to the score of your first wars match of the day - so @ 6 days you will have 12,000 points just from your defence.


Very helpfull topic. I’ve got some more questions regarding GW scoring:

  1. Does the color of my defense team matter? Do I get more points if it is set according to the day color?

  2. Do I need to attack with 4 troops of the day color to get bonus points? Or do I get some points for every troop of the color? How many points?

  3. Is it better to use the right color team and win slowly (take more damage, have some of my troops killed) or use my best team and win quickly with no/minimal losses?

  4. Or a more general questions: how are all parameters scored, what is the exact formula?

  1. no effect on score

  2. you get points for each troop that matches the daily color so 4 > 3 > 2 >1

  3. color has the largest impact on score to my knowledge. If you fear you’re going to lose with a mono color team, hedge your bets by using stronger off color troops to ensure the win. 900 points for an off color win is still better than 250 points for a mono colored loss.

  4. devs have explicitly stated they will not provide the exact formula or the actual weights of each bonus, just the general “theses are the things that affect the scores”


The formula for this one is actually given :
Score * (1 + bonus from your guild statue (provided in the “schedule” tab of the guild war menu) * number of troops using the right color in your deck).

Problem being that I don’t know for sure what’s that “Score” : is it the raw number of points anounced for the battle (example : 350 for Paragon) or this same number of points on top of wich comes all the other bonuses for wich we don’t know what the exact formula are…

“Score” as in “Raw Base Score”. A very close (and possibly even accurate) approximation of the “secret formula” looks like this:

  • [base score] points always awarded
  • [4…0] * [base score] / 2 points for matching colors, at max statue level
  • [4…0] * [base score] / 6 points for survival
  • [0…4] * [base score] / 8 points for mana efficiency
  • [0…4] * [base score] / 8 points for damage efficiency
  • [50…0] * [base score] / 100 for actions not taken

Huh. I thought they tuned down the survival bonus relative to mana and damage.

They did. Finishing with one troop less will only cost you roughly 50 points.

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Also if your offense has unique troops