Guild War - Using Hero

Hi, does using hero with different weapons counts as different card?
Asking to ensure I get full bonus of using 24 different cards

Different weapons count the same as different troops.

So, you can use the Hero on def on all 6 GW days and still get the 500 point bonus as long as the weapon is unique every day :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Graeme, this is so good to know :smiley:

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while we’re on the subject. does using the same weapon in your offensive team as you use on a defensive team count against you? also is there like a guide or soemthign for this information? i feel like it’s pretty important information and the ingame help doesnt really tell anything.

The defence bonus is for setting 24 unique troops/weapons if you want the max bonus bonus points.

On attack you can use the same weapon you have on defence if you wish, no penalty.
You do need to use the weapon on attack and all other troops that match the colour of the day for potential max points though. So, Mountain Crusher on brown day as a weapon for example, plus 3 troops that also use brown mana.


This seems to be main article as regards GW scoring in the help section:

It used to be discussed here on the forums back when the current scoring system was introduced, not so much these days because I think people are ‘expected’ to know these things by now unless they are new players.


Hi Graeme, thanks for your selfless sharing which helps me to understand guild war scoring better :crossed_swords:


that’s great info. thank you.

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