Has anyone figured out anything yet about the new scoring system?

I know we got an update from @Saltypatra a few weeks ago, but if I am being honest the scores I am getting along with that information given make no sense whatsoever.

I defeated an opponent in 3 turns, with all troops, all being the days color, and collected a good amount of mana during that time (thanks to lucky blow ups by Gorgotha and Terraxis matching loops), and received around 1250ish in points from the battle.

I then battled another team (with my same all-Yellow team) that took me 10+ turns to beat, I only ended with 3 troops (I got trigger happy and forgot to use Aby :frowning:), but I did collect a ton of mana. I got 1650ish points from that battle, almost 400 more than the previous battle…which makes no sense.

So, does this mean that mana collecting is a higher factor than troops left or turns taken? I am baffled by this, and it makes me want to make my battles last longer to get more points, even though according to the scoring basics they gave us, this is the complete opposite of what you are supposed to do. Or, is it just completely random scoring that makes no sense, and they just gave us a set of rules to appease people?

Anyone have any good tips? Suggestions? Observances? Please, post them here, I am curious to know what other people have experienced!

you get more points per battle for starters…

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What do you mean by starters? As in, teams you start the battle with, or troops you get at the beginning of the game, or something else?

It seems much more flexible now. There isn’t one clear best way. It seems like slower, more control-based teams are now very viable (and so too are super fast teams). All in all, I think it’s in a much better place. The simple fact that people aren’t incessantly raging about GW seems to suggest that. I think the last remaining piece to have it in a good place is the defense bonuses they’ve talked about. That should solve the remaining issues with the meta then all will be well in GW land.


I find that the scores given generally make sense based on the flow of the battle.

You’ve described about half of the factors that go into your score: team composition, troops surviving, mana collected by you, but you haven’t described how much mana the AI collected or how much damage you or the AI did. I’m also a little unclear about what it means when you said you defeated the AI in 3 or 10 turns. When you are counting turns, is that how many actions you took or how many times the AI passed the turn back to you? For the speed bonus, it is the number of actions that you take that counts (i.e., how many times did you swap a gem on the board or cast a spell?).

The ratio bonuses (mana and damage) seem to be the most difficult to predict and control, since a couple of lucky drops for the AI could result in them getting a significant amount of mana collected or damage dealt, which you would have to then overcome by collecting or dealing 4x as much to get your bonus back to maximum.

For this, no one really knows and the devs have said they aren’t going to give us the exact weights of the different bonuses. My impression is that the biggest individual factor is the daily color bonus. Beyond that, I can’t begin to guess.


The only thing I’ve noticed that seems consistent is if you kill the last troop while simultaneous summoning a replacement on your team the points are always low (like it doesn’t count the new troop).

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Thanks for the input Stan! I did not realize that a factor was an action versus a turn. Depending on what color team I am using, I suppose I take more actions i.e. swapping 4 gems gives me another action. By turns, I do mean my individual turns; so, finishing in 3 turns is essentially me going 3 times, and the AI going twice. Typically, my battles are longer than that, but I got fairly lucky with explosions and gem match-ups today.

In most cases, the other team collects a decent amount of mana, but no where near what I pull in. In general, I was just so baffled by the differences in scores…to me, my first battle should have been the higher score, especially considering I only had 3 troops left end game on the second battle.

I understand why they don’t want to give a full explanation, but having things slightly clearer would be nice. You definitely gave me some new things to consider, and I appreciate it!!

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Ooo good to know! I hadn’t noticed that yet.

  1. Turns: This is most important I feel, give opponent as little turn as possible and you will get a good score.

I assumed that turns and daily color bonuses were the key, but after winning in 3 turns and getting a lowish score (1250) I am now thinking that @Stan 's comments about action vs. turns might have some validity to it…

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I think 5 great matches with 3 daily colored troop can give you around 7000 points. I tested today with it and got about 6700, but it was far from clean in some matches.

what battle did you get the score 1250 in, if it was the first it was an good score, if it was the 2nd it is okay score. I have managed to get close to 1750 in the 5th battle, I have heard that is good nowadays.

Im 99% sure my highest single game was 1,785 (on the 5th battle). But, it was right before I was leaving and I wasn’t paying full attention to my TV. FYI I had all four troops alive used on color, it was a quick game but the AI had a move, collected some manna, and hit me once with Skulls as I recall.


It makes sense cuz the 5th battle has the highest base points that is added into the formula.

The battles I mentioned above were on Battles 3 and 4 of the 5. I guess I was under the impression that now that all 5 battles have the same base score (300 I think?) that they were scored the same…but not, that might explain some of the weird scores I’ve been seeing.


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what team did you use and was it this week or previous weeks?

This week, just today. It was a yellow day, so I used Gorgotha, Terraxis, Famine and Abynissia. I got lucky my first turn, and was able to have Gorgotha and Terraxis loop for a bit and knocked out two troops on first turn, one on second, and the last on the third.

Sometimes I use an “infinite loop” team. It may take 1 or 2 turns on my side to get it primed, but once started I can end on turn 2 or 3. However on that 2nd or 3rd turn, I take can take many (10-30) actions.

So, based off of the explanations above, all of those actions are counting against me, even though I’m still on turn 2 or 3?

Can I get a SS from your yellow day GW? It is a little easier seeing it.

Oh, that’s really important to know. I’d assumed that you were looking at battles 1 and 2, and thought your 2nd score was unusually high. The base scores now go 250, 275,300, 325, 350. I feel like the total scores range from a maximum of around 1300 on battle 1 to around 1800 on battle 5. It might be on your 3-turn battle, you probably didn’t max out the bonuses for mana and damage, resulting in a decent (but not great score of 1250), while you did much better on your 10-turn battle, getting close to the maximum score.

Yes, that’s right. To truly maximize your score, you want to take just enough actions to hit the mana and damage caps (which happens when you do 4 times as much as the AI) and then win the battle with 4 troops surviving. I still think looping teams are the best way to do that, but you want to be efficient and not just keep looping for the sake of looping.