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How does GW scoring works?

Hey guys,

Like many here, I’ve read the official thread on how the GW scoring system has been changed.
From what I’ve understood (provided you have 24 different defense troops, and play the good color team on each given day), the best way to get a high score everyday is to finish your fights quickly. That means gaining mana faster than the opponent, killing his troops fast and ending with your four troops alive and well pretty much.
If that is indeed how it works, how can someone with a rather slow and less powerful team score more points than most his guildmates?

Some of our guild members have said, player level, team score and lack of cards could highly benefit your GW score everyday. Is that really a thing? Because nothing was mentioned about it in the official GW scoring sytem.
Dude is getting 9600+ points almost everyday, yet he is lacking most of the good mythics and is under lvl 1100.

Thanks a lot to anyone who can provide me with a clear answer.

Player level, team score and collection status have no impact on GW score, it’s just those 3 parameters you’ve mentioned (mana collected and damage dealt in respect to your opponent, and number of moves taken).

Unfortunately, the most likely explanation is that your guildmate is not legit… when in doubt, I would submit a ticket to the devs to have him checked :slightly_frowning_face:


There are many great teams in the game that dont include mythics. Mythics are expensive mana wise and are rarely the best choice. I have been bracket 1 for over a year. 9600 is really common. You put players that know what they are doing down in the lower brackets and it will be 9600-9700+ daily.


You don’t need to cheat to get good scores with a beginner roster, you just need to understand how to build teams, make the most of what you do have and play decently well.

Of course not. Yet if I understood the scoring system right and if player level and team score have no impact on the amount of points you get at the end of a GW day, it should be more difficult. Even more difficult to do it everyday, whereas good players in the guild with higher levels and more cards to adapt to enemy teams are struggling to reach 9600 points on a daily basis.
I mean with higher level you get better stats, more and better cards, a higher mana surge chance… So how are you building up mana and killing faster than higher ranked guildmates?
Moreover, the only team the dude shared with us was a relatevly slow team that did not even really make sense.

I can’t speak to what anyone else is doing and I don’t really know anything about how the scores are calculated. I just know that’s around where my scores are and I have no Mythics and have been playing for about 2 months.
Granted I play an excessive amount and am a vet of nearly every other Puzzle Quest game so I wouldn’t imagine I’m typical but if you understand how to build teams it’s absolutely possible.

The score is a black box. There is no way any player can watch a person play the game and accurately guess the score short of having played a lot of GW matches and developed an intuition. But what we do know about the algorithm does not mean that “a fast team” is the only way to get a high amount of points.

It seems to be about some form of balance. Actually the word I saw used was “efficiency”. That means, to me, ideas like you should be casting your troops spells as soon as they fill and generally spending as much mana as you take in. That mana should also very quickly result in damage, they possibly compare mana spent to damage dealt. Calculations like that are done in MtG: generally 1 point of toughness per mana is an acceptable rate, and 1 point of damage per mana is likewise the par.

So a fast Doomskull team ticks a lot of boxes. It tries to spend all of its mana on a few setup turns, then deal lethal damage to 4 troops in as close to one turn as possible. It’s hard to win fast without being efficient, so yes, faster teams tend to score higher.

But “hard” doesn’t mean “impossible”. If you get points for spending your mana intake and dealing damage at a close ratio to that intake, a slightly slower team with high mana costs might do the trick. If the efficiency ratios I talked about above are used, doing 3 damage from 3 mana in one turn is the same thing as doing 27 damage off 27 mana over 9 turns.

We also know your opponent’s performance matters too. A lot of factors like skull damage dealt are compared between players. It’s easier to assume in a very short game the victor did the most skull damage by a wide margin. But a slower team, perhaps with excessive barrier, might end up achieving the same kind of ratio.

The truth is we just don’t know. The devs implemented it, it’s server side, and they intentionally designed it to obfuscate the mechanisms. I don’t think it’s as simple as “fast team vs. slow team”, I think the devs explicitly wanted more than one play style to be “winnable”. If there were a simple, every-color team like Doomskulls that did it, I’m pretty sure they’d rework it.

So if the person’s in your guild, ask them what they’re doing. They should share.

If they’re not in your guild, how do you know they’re playing a slow and less powerful team? A lot of my GW teams don’t actually use superstar mythics. He “shared” a team with you, but how can you be sure it’s actually a team he uses? Competitive people don’t share their teams easily, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone I don’t trust showed me a bogus team just to shut me up. Even if he was part of your guild, it sounds like he didn’t share a lot, which again tends to indicate the kind of person who would troll his so-called friends.

So in the end you just can’t know. But I’d bet they aren’t showing you their real teams faster than I’d bet they’re cheating.


Level has very little impact. There are teams that perform exceptionally well, even if you only own very few mythics. You might want to encourage sharing team builds within your guild, possibly with an explanation on when and how to best run those teams, there’s really a lot to learn.

Level does matter in a sense. Your stats are higher (more damage output and increased resilence) and your mana efficiency is affected by gem mastery. Whilst these factors are fairly subtle, they can affect your score. But yes, chances are he is using a different deck. Also, devour and instakill such as megavore 3rd trait don’t count as damage dealt, according to zendesk.

9600+ scores are very doable for most accounts depending on your opponents. nothing to worry about.
now if you are seeing 9700+ or more let us know :wink:
FYI, most meta highest scoring GW attack teams dont use mythics.

Can you share it, as an example? I’ve been similarly surprised by teammates scoring exceptionally well without any Empowered starts, so it’s definitely possible.

I have a question regarding the new format, scoring and people leaving the guild before reset on Sunday night.

If you have a player that wants to move up and has a great score (so his score would count in the 27 top scores) if he moves to a higher or lower guild before reset does the guild still get to count the score he had before he left? Everything I know seems to indicate yes, but could someone please confirm this for me?

A major factor is using the color on the right day and having 24 different defense troops. By just doing that my scores jumped into the 9600 range. And I only have two mythics, which aren’t in my usual teams.

In one of my fights this week I had to swap out my color team for a gobtruffle team as that was the only team I had that would win. I still scored in the 9000+ range for that day. But only two troops were the right color.

Additionally, we have a member of our guild (we’re on android/pc) who is sub level 200 but scores decently high, sometimes in the 9000 range. But he has an xbox account with an 1100+ level hero. So he knows how to make use of the troops he has.

In short, mythics and hero level aren’t big factors.

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I agree partially. Scoring is formulaic. The formula is secret…but; fast wins score highly & full dmG teams (skull bash etc) score well… instakill and devour do not accumulate the dmg it took to kill. No points for that. Looping skull teams score highly. Go build one.