Clarification about bonus points and scoring in Guild Wars


I was just wondering if anyone clarify for me something about the 2000 bonus points you can get for using 4 unique troops on an attack team.

I know that you can earn up to 12000 bonus points over the week by using 24 different unique troops to make up your 6 defense teams for the week. I also know that you can get 2000 bonus points per day for using 4 different unique troops on an attack team each day.

HOWEVER, my question is this : If you were to switch out your attack team in the middle of a guild war day (ie: complete battle 1 out of 5, then switch teams to a DIFFERENT 4 unique troops, would you get an additional 2000 points after completing battle 2? If so, could you repeat this each battle and earn up to 10000 extra points during a day if you were to win all 5 battles with unique teams? Or is the 2000 point bonus just a once per day bonus that you get from using a 4 unique character team for that guild war day?

Any clarification would help.


That’s strange, as I received 3300 odd points (2000 higher than I would have normally gotten) for my first guild war battle for the day, then regular points after that (using the same team).

Is there no attack bonus then (other than the colour bonus), and they just give you the 2000 for defense after the first match? Or is it possible to gain up to 2000 extra per battle during each day?

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The 2000 defense points are added after first fight

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Bonus points for unique troops are:

  • 2000 points for using 4 unique troops on defence, which seems to be added to your first guild war battle of the day;

  • Bonus points added to the score for each battle for using 4 troops with the daily colour on attack (don’t need to be unique - you can use 4 of the same troop and get the same bonus) which is added to the score for each battle. These have been in place since the beginning of guild wars


Ah, thanks for the replies and clarification there. I was a bit confused as to why they felt that they needed to separate out the points with the “current team” and “potential bonus points for the week”. Seeing as how they had already said it was for each unique troop, it seemed somewhat superfluous.

Thanks @Rickygervais about the defense points being added after the first fight. It seems a bit odd that they aren’t added after the 5th fight of the day, but oh well, whatever.

Thanks @Whiskeyjack about the clarification there. As I mentioned above, it got confusing since they broke the defense bonus pools down into 2 categories of “current” and “potential”.

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