Bug Report - Defenders Bonus is wrong

A Guild Member said they didn’t get the 2000 points bonus for his GW battle, so I looked at my Defenders and noticed that it was saying that the bonus is only 10,000 points.

I have checked my Defenders carefully and even restarted the game, but it still says the same.

Platform, device version and operating system

Screenshot or image
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

I should be getting 12,000 bonus points for 24 different troops, but it says I’m only getting 10,000

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Just started.

Steps to make it happen again

Open GW defenders.

Mine is saying:
Current bonus point from using 20 different troops: 10 000

It’s also saying:
Potential bonus forin for the week from the current teams using 24 different troops: 12 000

Everything seems fine.

As far as I recall, it used to say that the current bonus was 12,000 if you’re using 24 troops.

So obvious question, did you double check that you have 24 unique troops?

Yes :upside_down_face:

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It has always showed 2 sets of figures you just need to wait 10 seconds for them to change from one to the other. The first shows how much you have earned so far, the next shows the total you could earn along with how many unique troops you have.


I don’t know if I mis-remembered or it was because my Guild Member saying he’d not got the 2000 point bonus on the first GW battle, but I was pretty sure that it showed the same figure each time.

If it doesn’t, then, ok, it’s probably not a bug (except in my brain… :dizzy_face: )

Hey, it is showing the total bonus points (12k) and the current bonus points (10k for the day you posted), it should have updated to 12k for both numbers on the last day of Guild Wars if you had 24 unique defence troops set for the week :slight_smile:


Fair enough, I thought it just told you the total bonus you’d get, unless that was changed at some point.

It was partly because my Guild Member appeared to not get their bonus that was what threw me.