Guild Wars Battle points

I went today 5-0 in Guild Wars battles. I lost one troop in 3rd battle , but I got only 5890 pts. How these points are calculated ?( I’m using bonus color troops)

your points = enemy points x (100% + color bonus% of troop A + B + C + D) x (100% + [troop alive x 10%] )

so your points were multiplied by 130% instead of 140% just for one troop not being alive

Or my maths are very badly ,or there is something wrong

Yes, there is something wrong. You have used 4 troops of the right colour for all the battles and have only lost 1 troop?
What is the bonus of your guild?

Yes, I used bonus color troops, like always. Bonus is 50 %

Then losing a single troop in the 3rd match should score easily over 6000 points…

100 x 3 x 1,4 …(=420)
200 x 3 x 1,4 …(=840)
300 x 3 x 1,3 …(=1170)
400 x 3 x 1,4 …(=1680)
500 x 3 x 1,4 …(=2100)

= should be 6210
you are missing 320 points…

are you sure u used all 4 troops of that guild color, maybe you mistaken the color of the guld for another? happens sometimes…

If you lost only 1 troop in the Herald fight, you should have scored 6,210 overall with a 50% color bonus.


I’m sure about using bonus colors , always checking my team before battle.

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Lost another troop, but replaced with non bonus color troop?

He did not say anything about getting a replacement troop. In my experience, even if he did get a replacement troop of another color, the bonus will still apply as long as he start with all troops of the same color and finish with 4 troops in the end.

Yeah, you do get less points if replacement troop is a different color. He might not have known that so didn’t mention it.

No you don’t. Today is green day and I summoned a Spider Swarm but still got 6300 points. The only things that matter are starting with 4 troops of the right colour and ending with 4 troops in total.


No, you do not. Color bonus is irrelevant for troops surviving at the end of the battle. All that matters here is the number of troops.

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I used Hero in my last battle . Maybe he was not counted ?


Is that true ricky? I thought you determined color of survivor does matter.

It definitely doesn’t, at least on PC/mobile version. I also finished at least one battle today with Spider Swarms (red, the day colour is green) and got full 6300 pts.

Yeah it’s true color bonus trigger at the start of the fight and troop alive bonus trigger at the end of the fight, so color doesn’t matter

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