[Solved] Help Guild Wars

Hello everyone,
I would like to know how to get more points in guild wars, I see that when I make 5/0 my points are smaller than others who made the same 5/0.


ill add a :gem: next to the info that gives you more gw points

Guild War short explanation:

  • :gem: if you can win use attack team that has all 4 troops of the required color
  • use a guild defense team that is most likely to kill and win
  • fight all the 5 fights each day, don’t wait till sunday
  • sentinels give bonus stats to units used in guild wars (attack and defense), it doesn’t give bonus outside of guild wars
  • your sentinel bonuses also give small bonus to other guild members of higher guild war rank then you so they do matter, we require to level them at monday


  • if you loose a battle it means you won’t be able to attack paragon(it gives most points) at all and it means you will lose a lot of points so be careful
  • never skip a war or quit a few fight, there is no turning back from it
  • :gem: at Guild War>Schedule tab you can see color bonus for each day - that bonus applies for each unit separately (duplicate units count, it doesn’t have to be 4 unique troops)! it adds up. color bonus depends on guild statue levels
  • :gem: there is bonus 10% for each troop you have alive at the end of battle up to 40% bonus at 4 troops alive, troops alive can have any color, you can use summoning and it will count, the bonus multiplies the result after color bonus is applied
    50% color bonus, if you use all 4 troops of that color and win with 4 troops alive you get (100% +(4 x 50%) ) x 140% = 300% x 140% = 420% of the points

after each day system checks if your guild had more points then the guild who you attacked - if you had more - you get a Daily Win reward of 50seals and 50% exp bonus for one day - otherwise the other guild gets it

also you can read for example this:

Thanks for the explanation