Feature Request: Able to pick our colors team for each day

Since I doubt we are going to see any change in defense in GW - let us pick our colors (If I want to fight all week with a Green team - I think that is fair since again there is NOTHING in Defense that makes me other than points want to stay with colors when I go up against a team that can’t be beat by that color)

Just to clarify, are you suggesting that we can use any team we want on attack during the week as long as it’s a mono-colour team?

Using whatever team you want, even mono coloured but with your choice of colours, would remove any real challenge or strategy from GW. Too easy, no thanks.


Ayup. That is indeed what I am suggesting.

No way. The challenge of building six 4-color teams is part of what makes it fun.


Agree with @beanie42 and @htismaqe: sorry, a silly suggestion imho which discards one of the main design points of GW having a different colour each day.


to add to what was already said:
the fact that many ppl set same defense team for entire week doesnt mean everyone does it
if you can decide your attack team color that totally removes any advantage a defense team could still have, dont make the game easier then it is - you have a lot of other game modes for that, its not worth it

i dont like the idea