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Automatically reassign last week's GW defense teams to the right day on Monday

I noticed all of my defense teams in Guild Wars reset to my default defense team today. This would obviously cost me a lot of points, so I had to reassign all six teams. It would be super convenient if I didn’t have to reassign all six teams by hand this way every week. Devs, could you please make it so that teams carry over to the new week but are automatically reassigned to the correct day of the same color?

E.g., if I have a defense team set to a purple Thursday, and the next week Tuesday is purple, after the reset that team is assigned as the defense team on Tuesday, and so forth.



This would be an extremely helpful feature.





Honestly should have been this way from the start.


Would be cool if instead of the defenses being shown in order of the days, it just shows the defenses in order of statue color (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Purple/Brown). Then the game pulls the correct color defense when the day pulls around. That way it doesn’t shift around each week, the menu will always be in the same order.




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Agree! Especially since we cannot even sort the teams in the Troops menu. Very annoying. Hope this gets changed asap.



I would love to be able to drag and drop teams to change the order of my teams instead of having to spend hours to rebuild every team to change the order.


Good suggestion! :smiley:

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So, it’s been a month since I made this suggestion, but with numerous guild mates complaining about their defense teams resetting, is this something you could tack on while you’re fixing that problem? You have to touch the code anyway, it seems, might as well make it a lot more user friendly :slight_smile:

Love this idea

Not sure why this isn’t implemented yet. This is a no-brainer!

+1 to this. Fixing the bugs with it at the same time…