Underspire pathing issue?

So, yeah, maybe not exactly a bug, but I just think you might want to add some code to the underspire pathing code to avoid … uh … this.
Didn’t bother me, because I know it’s not intentional, but some people might be unhappy seeing symbols like this. If it can be avoided, that’d probably be better.
(Note: I’m not saying what it looks like, because it’s obvious and I figure it’s better to avoid certain words that might draw unwanted attention, hope that’s right.)

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The map generation is random, you probably never will see it again. I don’t think you can see it in full map even.


It’s not even the right orientation to be “the bad one”


EDIT: replying to a rude comment which has been removed.
And yet you knew exactly what I was suggesting it looked like, how strange.
I literally said in my post that I knew it was random and wasn’t bothered. I was just pointing it out in case the game makers wanted to avoid this. If not, that’s up to them. I didn’t expect a discussion about it, I just know some developers add code to avoid certain unpleasant things being generated by random, and thought they might want to know if it wasn’t working. That’s all.

To be honest it took me a moment to see what you posted it for. It wasn’t that obvious (which is good).

I get why you did it.

It’s sad that this ancient good luck symbol was appropriated to represent something evil.

But this way it’s shown in underspire isn’t the appropriated version.

If they want to block it that’s of course fine. I’m all for blocking for example certain words/names from the game that glorify atrocities and atrocious people.

I just wanted to point out that it’s not the misused version so it’s not something to feel bad about (hope that makes sense).


If we would want anything changed to mitigate unfortunate coincidences such as this, personally I’d suggest the Underspire map having a smaller tile size so that the map screen can hold, say, 4 tiles high (instead of 3).

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