Underspire: The Return of the Endless Corridor

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Several weeks ago we were told that endless corridors should no longer show up:

This week there’s a dead end at the bottom of the map that is 9 tiles long. Possibly something that slipped back in with the 7.1.5 update?


I’m not even sure anymore, if fixing this bug helps players. No long dead ends means more short dead ends…

By the way, objectively, what would be the difference between the dungeon pattern abuse, before it was fixed, and the hidden (to players outside the community platforms) pattern of special room distances in underspire?

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We are getting more short dead ends as well. They didn’t fix the problem. They just added to it. Also they ninja nerfed the strategies that people were figuring out.


For the most part, longer (and fewer) dead end paths are better than shorter but more.

If someone isn’t a player who is very oblivious to patterns they can tell that agree a certain point, if they don’t see the keystone or dragon then there isn’t going to be one.

Please don’t create a fix that triggers another US reset. :sweat_smile:

Care to elaborate? What strategies don’t work anymore?
I’m curious to know what it is that I’m not seeing.

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There were some weird patterns. To give an example, if the fourth room off the main path had several exits, the chance for any of them leading to the boss room was very small (less than 5%).

We’ve all been there, in the first Underspire week (my tokens and patience ran out in a 13+ corridor, others had worse). New players don’t know the patterns. Some smaller guilds may not have figured them out yet either.

The “7 to key, 6 to boss” pattern is a vital piece of information, that is neither to be found in the game, nor in the official guide.


What people and where is this info at? Ive never heard of anything but the basics.

There isn’t much besides the basics. People tried very hard to find a pattern that would help you find the boss room, with no luck. There are a couple minor patterns that hold most of the time but not always, and might save you a room or two per underspire on average. If you know not to head too far down a dead end, you’re not playing at a disadvantage statistically. But bug report threads are not the best place to talk about game strategy for any mode, because nerfs are born in bug report threads.


Those should be in the game, just like information on points in world event.

But I’d rather need one underspire or two or three to figure it out than not having patterns at all.

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Well I was very sad last week. I did almost 55 rooms and only the first stone (which I bought from the merchant) was found, but BOY did I have tons of dead ends.

…and that’s why I don’t believe at all in such “official announcements” anymore.
They can be deceptive around here sometimes. ← At least this pattern stayed intact.

…but “this” did pass testing! - so, must “work as intended”.


Rule #1 about testing is that testing. never. ends.

Can’t end if it’s never been started.


4.5days+ without any “official developer” reaction on that reoccuring “feature”. Are they all testing the still broken daily deal offers?


This is actually good for us! It consumed 12 tiles without a torch.

You wouldn’t happen to have visual exhibits for show-and-tell, would you? I am quite curious to see (and it is rather hard to understand what exactly did you explore just from reading the small snippet above).

Nope, I came up and found others mentioning the same thing so I left it at that.

However, if I run into endless deadends again, I am going to take a picture.

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Hi all,

I raised this with the team this morning and found there was a miscommunication/missing piece of info.

This isn’t a bug.

Basically, the dead ends won’t be longer than 6 tiles - which is the full information I had at the time I shared the info with the community, and double checked with the team before sharing.

However, what I found out after raising this issue this morning is that while the dead ends can’t be longer than 6 tiles in a single path, short branches can still be generated off those dead end paths.

I think we were all expecting that to an extent, however, the confusion came for everyone (including myself) as one of those side branches can be generated off the end of the main dead end path and heading in the same direction.

I’ve drawn on @Fourdottwoone 's screenshot to try to illustrate, if we take aqua as the main branch and then the pink arrows the “branches”:


If I had been aware of this when I originally shared the changes I absolutely would have included this in my post, so I apologise.

I know this sort of thing with missing information has happened a number of times and I’m discussing with the team how to make sure this sort of information is stored/shared in a better way in future.

I’ll find the original thread we were discussing the change in and link this post over.


The short branches are generated off intermediary rooms of that dead end branch, to not exceed a total dead end length of 6, counting from the shared entrance. This is the intended design, so players don’t waste event energy on a wild goose chase. There is no attaching dead ends to the end of other deads ends to form arbitrarily long dead ends, at least not if the algorithm is working correctly. This is just another situation where the constraint check is messed up, the first fix didn’t catch all of them.

Please have another talk with whoever gave you your information.