Underspire - Paid for Lantern Penalty

I buy 5 lanterns for cash = 5 balance
I get a lantern reward from sentinel chest +1 = 6 balance
I use my FREE lantern -1 = 5 balance

After reset my lantern start total should be 5 but because I got a “free” lantern, not allowed to be carried over (which I did not because I used it) it is deducted from my “paid” total giving me a start total of 4 instead of 5

Obviously the game cannot discriminate between paid for and free lanterns so it is costing me actual cash to use the “free” lanterns !

If you pay for lanterns you cannot benefit from free lanterns if you have a balance to carry forward. You have to use them all up or leave them in your balance for them to be deducted at reset.

The more you win, the more (cash) you lose !

Very annoyed

Pretty sure free lanterns do carry over

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Hmm…since they introduced lantern carryover I’ve bought 2 packs. Each week I use 2 lanterns (so - a free lantern and a paid lantern, shall we say) and so far haven’t noticed incorrect amount at the start of next week.

On my baby account I have compensation lantern from one of the Underspire reset bugs and get the free lantern (mostly use it, but sometimes not) - so far everything seems to carry over correctly as well.

Hmmm…well this deffo happened a few weeks ago so have been using them all if I get a free one (usually down to 1 or 2 ) or saving if no free lantern. I have a free one now which I am saving so I will use it and see what happens on Monday :crossed_fingers:

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Definitely do!
And I hope lanterns carry over correctly for you. Contrarywise, it’s a serious bug that should be addressed in a swift and no-nonsense manner.