[Resent - close & relaunch game] Lanterns from compensation mail are not added

Today we received 2 lanterns and 100 gems via in game mail as compensation for the 7.2 underspire issues.
After collecting the mail, the lanterns are not added to the inventory. They also do not show up after restarting the game multiple times.
Using Android, but same issue exists on steam and apple devices.

100 gems might also not have been added, but I can’t tell that for sure as I do not know what amount I had before opening the message


at least there won’t be a reset this week :sweat_smile:

Yes, I can confirm. No Lanterns after claiming the mail. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m on Xbox, also didn’t get the lanterns. Did get the gems though.

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Same here, lanterns are not in inventory nor in Underspire after collecting them.

Seems the bug compensation is bugged! :crazy_face:


Same here, they vanished

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Are you sure? The week has just started


No lanterns, I haven’t found a single player who received them, it’s a problem for everyone

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Same here, no lanterns!


I have lost my way with my zero lanterns.

No Lanterns on my main account.
My alt, which did not participate in Underspire last week due to insufficient troops, got 2 lanterns.
Both play on mobile/steam.

Same here on xbox, claimed the 2 lanterns, got none. Tried playing up to the first merchant to get the free lantern, restarting the game, still don’t see these 2 lanterns. They must be hiding in the dark somewhere.

Same issue for me and at least two my guildmates.

Same thing happened for me.

I know that there’s an existing issue with lanterns not showing up immediately after a real money purchase, so I played an Underspire battle and restarted the game (usually doing either of these things will cause invisible lanterns to show up). No luck :cry:

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PC/Steam. Gems, yes. Lanterns, no.

Don’t hold your breath, these developers seem to be finding new and fantastical ways to screw up these days.


No lanterns. And is everyone sure they got the gems? If one item didn’t add, why would the other one? I didn’t check my gem count before I accepted the email so I can’t say one way or the other. But going by what’s been happening lately…

I read this bug report before claiming, so checked my totals before and after. Definitely got the gems, but no lanterns.


Well, I’m sure because I took a screenshot before and after, just in case it didn’t give me gems. But it did.

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Cross referencing this post on the same topic Collected 2 lanterns and 100 gems

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