[Resent - close & relaunch game] Lanterns from compensation mail are not added

Repeating my post from the other thread -

@Jeto, @Kafka - do we all need to submit help tickets or is this a recognized bug and you will attempt to send the lanterns again through in game mail? Please advise and thanks.


Same for me on mobile!!!

Didn’t receive the 2 lanterns; not sure about the gems. (Xbox)

received the gems, but the lanterns are missing

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Same here (PS), no sign of the lanterns. I was already annoyed about last week’s issues screwing me out of a lantern, but I saw this and thought “well I guess that makes up for it, fair enough”, only to find no lanterns and a metaphorical middle finger instead. I appreciate the gems, but it’s very annoying to not get part of the compensation for an issue that cost me stuff already.
This is really going to alienate even more players, especially those who don’t go on the forum and have no idea what’s happening with this.

Same here for me (on Xbox)

They are looking into it.

I expect we might see a reply here when they have figured it out.


The team are working on getting this resolved asap!

Thanks @Elfin for linking the updated known issues article as well.


Thank you so much for letting us know - makes all the difference :star_struck:

Compensation seems to have been sent. Got torches and lanterns. Had to reboot the game to add them, but they seem to be there. Hopefully this issue is sorted. Thanks.

Mine weren’t there still after the forced update.

Thanks. Lanterns appeared after opening the in-mail. Torches appeared after closing and re-opening the game.

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