Missing lanterns after update

i bought 25 lanterns before update was going start underspire on Thursday and now you owe me $$$$$$$$$$$. Ask me if I’m peeved b/c I AM


I played one room to get the free lantern and that is now gone. So, all lantern got set to zero and underspire map also got reset to the beginning. Starting at 33 torches so my used torch is also gone.

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i made out a ticket b/c this is robbing players of money, very poor way to do business

It’s already on the known issues list. They plan to refund purchases:

Which doesn’t really help that much. The free torches/lanterns will still be gone, if you want to complete your run to have to purchase them on top.

Yesterday it was 4 lanterns, today - zero

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Quite frankly they need to give everyone the free torches back especially given they have failed to resolve the issue from last time. Alongside with all the paid stuff people have lost. Just dealing with the purchased stuff is unacceptable.


yes but it stops players like myself from star
ting underspire till i get refunded


Hey all,

I am closing this thread as it is a duplicate report

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