7.2 Update: Hidden Treasures

Unbelievable, I’m just stunned.
Nothing was learned.


Yeah restarted the game and still shows the same amount of Torches.as before. :frowning:

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lanterns or torches? I thought you found torches. (wouldn’t surprise me if it was bugged though, so I’m not trying to give a hard time)

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Hidden Treasures …
Hidden Troops


At least for the chat window there is a text size setting you can change (it appears that it defaulted to small). I don’t see a setting for the text size on the world map screen though.

Last update they had to quickly make additional changes right after release, due to accessibility issues caused by messing around with font sizes and text colors. You would think that after that debacle reducing the font sizes of anything would be avoided.


We have update the known issues article for the Underspire issue: Underspire Reset

To confirm that players who purchased Torch or Lantern Boosters will have their Torches and Lanterns added back to their account as soon as we can.

This is all that were purchases during what was this weeks Underspire; including ones that were previously consumed by completing battles - but will exclude the free Lantern from the Merchant.

But once I have the specifics, we will share again!


They were not. I made a bug report.

Underspire - won torches not added

I thought the same thing but that made it worse. I restarted and had one less torch. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the update.

I would question why they have to specifically exclude the free lantern. With all the issues the update has caused, it seems like a small silver lining that you could have given players. I understand that it’s not your decision personally.


WIth the reset, this has also reset the Merchant so the free Lantern is available again, but we have passed on that if possible we would like to include a Lantern with the comp once it goes out.


Well, that would be the least thing you can do.

When the map is reset to complete new one, we have to start all over again and possibly use more gems to buy more torches to advance to same position we were before this update arrived.

Returning the torch amount everyone used in the previous map doesn’t guarantee us to advance in the same position. It is not fair in any means, it is just the absolute minimum.


It appears the first keystone, which I unlocked before the reset, is considered unlocked. It was marked as sold at the merchant, shows as earned on the keystone summary (top right on Underspire map) and the first door was open when discovered.

Within the collection area the troops summary is displaying 1325/1331, which is correct, as the only troops missing from my collection should be the six new sentinels. When trying to view unowned troops 47 are displayed (the new sentinels and 41 other troops, interestingly none are mythic.) Returning to the unowned screen has a different set of troops listed, including a mythic.

The icon to switch between Krystara and Underworld does not have much of a visible distinction when selected (at least compared to other icons.) As such, it is easy to lose track of the cursor.

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Just have to say - I told you so. I warned on Monday not to play Underspire this week until after reset - and was told it would not happen again because this is a different kind of update, hahaha…sorry for the players affected but yeah, I learnt my lesson once…


My general feedback…
Why is everything so tiny, again?
The chat icon is just crazy tiny on a phone. The mail icon is smaller than the rest - once it has the “!” on it, practically half of the icon is obscured by it. The text size on chat got smaller, with the same settings as before.

Can you please please please make these two icons bigger? Pretty please?

And, if glory is gone from the main screen, then you can very well hide souls too, and keep only gold and gems there. While you’re at it, you can remove the 999+ thing from the chests… and add no. of sigils left to event icons. Please and thank you.

It’s not bad, it will take some getting used to. But… why on earth so tiny?!


Yes please make the chat icon bigger at least…on mobile it just turns into a tiny dot.

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Some players will have used the free lantern, and get a second one now, while others will have saved it and only end up with one. That’s not fair.
Given that players weren’t given any warning on how to treat underspire regarding the upcoming update, we all had to guess, so the decent thing to do would be to ensure that players get the fairest possible compensation for lost torches and lanterns, INCLUDING the free merchant lantern.

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Except this time you SHOULD have played. Devs say anything you used will be given back, so the more you played before the reset the more free rewards you got.
Like you, I was hesitant to play knowing that underspire would almost certainly get reset, but now I wish I had, since I effectively missed out on loads of free rewards.

Once again, another example of this game being annoyingly inconsistent, especially when devs change stuff.
In future, when game modes might - even possibly - get reset part way through the week, as part of a PLANNED UPDATE, we really need devs to indicate at the start of the week how they’ll handle any issues, and what that means for how players should act. Otherwise we keep getting players screwed over by not knowing what to do.


Now I want my money back!

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Very unfriendly for Android users, everything is so mini…

The top line (medals section) is too high…

Please, add the “Quit” button for a quick access…


And Nintendo??

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