[Reported] Underspire - won torches not added

**Platform, device version and operating system: Android **

Screenshot or image:
First win:

2nd win:

After 2nd win when I noticed missing torches:

After restarting the game:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I had 3 torches left, fought 1 guardian, won 2 torches.
Fought another one, won 1 torch.

After two fights I had 2 torches left when it should have been 4.

I then restarted the game expecting it to be a visual issue and after the I had only 1 torch as if I had not won any torches at all.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It began happening when I fought my first guardian and won 2 torches.

Steps to make it happen again
Play underspire. Fight guardians. Win torches, don’t get the actual amount of torches you’ve won.

Restart the game to be back to no torches at all from the guardian fights.


Since winning torches and them not displaying, have you completed another battle and they still do not display?

I have had this happen and it took me completing another battle for them to appear.

I fought one guardian after the other with no fight in between (in case that’s somehow relevant to the issue).

Also gave it a try. Sadly that didn’t help.

Fought one fight in underspire, one fight elsewhere, did another reset… Now I’m at 0.

I should still have 3.

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Thank you so much for that @sylverscale , also will it let you start another battle with torches or is it fully thinking you have none?
And can I grab your invite code too please, just to squiz your data!

It thinks I have none (as is shown, so it’s not a visual bug).

My invite: Sylverscale_sscs

Excellent, and rereading this and your comment response in the patch notes - these were all torches awarded from the Guardians?

Yes. Started with 3, fought 2 battles, won 3 torches from the guardians - but got none.

Interestingly, there was 1 added it looks like before I did it a restart that was then also removed by the bug.

Thought I’d screenshot my rewards for the community as I always do with new modes or battles etc - that’s why I have that documented.


Im having the same issue. Torches awarded from guardians not appearing. Reset game and they didnt appear. Unable to continue so not a visual thing.
Invite code: Downtownmpls_rflt


Cool, leave it with me :sparkles:


I’m seeing the same thing on the xbox.

I also received 2 torches and they did not get added. I did not check at the time - I just figured it out after I played all my sigils and compared it to rooms cleared after seeing this post.

We currently have a fix we are testing atm for this issue!


Just want yo add I got two hex trinkets from a guardian box but they also did not appear in my trinket inventory…still zero trinkets.


what is your invite code
This will be resolved when the fix is released, awaiting an ETA for when that will be released.

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Tried sending the code via a message and got this:
An error occurred: Sorry, Jeto is not accepting messages at the moment.

Hope your fix is not going to reset the entire thing again…

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Same problem here on ps5 a i win 2torches on blue guardian room a 2 torches on second blue guardian room.i close game and if i start again my 4 torches are gone.

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Possibly related, one of my treasure left a couple trinkets for me, don’t remember what kind. I never used them and when I checked I don’t have any.

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It affects trinkets as well.

Hopefully, it’s only underspire related rewards and not all of them.

I win 3x 2xtorches,dissapear after next battle,(for example:4x torches before battle,1 torch after battle)

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