Ultimate solution for PvP meta team problems!

I have idea, how to solve constant team balancing problems.

I would like devs to flag heavy meta team or bot players and show a flag (maybe skull sign) on PvP battle selection screen. Flagging rules should be discussed, but maybe one should be flagged for winning in 1 or 2 moves over player with similar power stats several times a day. This flag shouldn’t ban players or change anything in game mechanics - it should serve as pure indication that player bonds game rules somehow and you can win battle only by pure luck, not through using your game abilities. Flag should be visible for specific period after repeated incidents, maybe for a week. Another solution is to let other players flag meta players, but it may be unjust. You should be able to play with flagged players, but you should know the risk.

Let meta players play in their own world. I don’t want to play Starcraft with Korean masters and I don’t want to play with meta players from the same reason - it is not a bit funny, when you have almost no chance of winning.

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Nothing bad, interesting your ideia :+1: