Ullor and Tihamata missing the current soulforge cycle 22

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I can’t screenshot what is missing!
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected to see Ullor and Tihamata in the current soulforge cycle 22 according to the rules you used in the last years (until last cycle ofc).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Already happened in last soulforge cycle (cycle 21) with Ullor:
Archproxy Yvendra (release October 1st) was in cycle 21 on December 27th
Ullor (release September 3rd) wasn’t in cycle 21
Now happens again:
Last campaign mythic Faerie Gobmother was in current cycle 22
Campaign mythic from the campaign before Tihamata wasn’t in cycle 22
Ullor is still missing, until now he never was in soulforge!!!

I think you devs just forgot to add these two mythics to the soulforge, so either we see these two mythics on Monday 23rd of May or send us 4k diamonds as compensation and be ready for more consumer alerts, cause the amount of lying, betrayal and breaking rules is increasing more and more.


Just dropping this into the bug report since it’s semi relevant to the matter. Great catch on the other mythics too. Definitely seems like a bug/ big oversight. Lots of free to play guys rely on the soulforge.


The current Soulforge cycle is not quite complete. We’ve yet to see The Archduke in this cycle.

If Ullor and Tihamata don’t show up next week alongside The Archduke, it’s time to start poking and prodding the developers and their minions to find out what went wrong. Until then, I’m inclined to wait a few more days.

I just happen to be waiting for The Archduke to show because I’m gated on kingdom stars in Blighted Lands on account of not having 2 base-mythic troops. So I’ve been watching the Soulforge rotation every week growing increasingly disappointed at my terrible luck.

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I know that The Archduke is also left, but waiting until next Monday is too late, my Monday will be Australian Tuesday and then they can’t add anything, cause it will be anyway also the starting of cycle 23 on Monday.

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They can add troops to the forge - they already did it with the weaver.

Anyway i also hope the system gives us the two within the cycle.

Update: Ullor is there, Tihamata was not in cycle 22 :roll_eyes:

:sob: I knew it… Still no tiamatha… I’m genuinely displeased now.

Funny, that Ullor is appearing on the very last week of mythic cycle 22 :grin:

Considering Tihamata: If I remember well, Tihamata was released on 20th of December (week 9 of the “wildcard” campaign), mythic cycle 22 started on 10th of January. This is only three weeks after release of Tihamata. If we assume, that the introduction of a troop in the Soulforge cycles is handled in the same way as in chests, then there should be a delay of 3-4 weeks (or more?), until a new mythic becomes eligible for a mythic cycle. If we further assume, that the mythics appearing in cycle 22 were frozen on the 10th of January, then it could be, that Tihamata arrived just a few weeks too late for the last mythic cycle. If these two assumptions are true (a lot of “ifs” :sweat_smile:), then this would not be a bug, only bad luck with the different dates.

My guess is that Tihamata was mistakenly replaced with Faery Gobmother. Gobmother shouldn’t have been in cycle 22, according to the “rules”

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There is definetely something strange going on, but I guess, the “bugs” are rather Gobmother in cycle 22 and Archproxy Yvendra in 21 than Ullor not in 21 and Tihamata not in 22.

Makes me want to know, how it is determined, when a mythic enters the cycles… Obviously, both campaign and monthly mythics are affected by these irregularities.

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This is exactly what happened: Yvendra instead of Ullor was a bug and Gobmother instead of Tihamata was a bug.
Mythics enter the chest pool immediately after their exclusive week, there is no delay of 3-4 weeks after release like it is for other new troops. Exception is campaign mythic, which will be in chest pool two weeks after campaign ended.
The soulforge cycle normally worked like this (before devs broke all rules, see tarot cards):
Every Mythic that is released in the current cycle (no matter, if it is a new mythic or campaign mythic) will be in the next cycle with one exception: if the exclusive week of a new mythic is overlapping with the beginning of the next cycle, it won’t be in the next cycle.
Ullor’s release week was from Sept. 3rd to Sept 10th and cycle 21 started on Sept. 6th, so the missing in cycle 21 was technically correct…but then devs put in Yvendra in cycle 21, which was obviously a bug.
I think just the same happened now with Tihamata and Gobmother.


And to make confusion complete:
Consort of Darkness was released on Jan. 7th, so exclusive week was from Jan. 7th to Jan. 14th and appeared in cycle 22 which started on Jan. 10th, so this broke the rule again.
Now, @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan can you please answer about the soulforge rules!

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Lol, what a mess :sweat_smile:

I don´t pay so close attention to mythic release dates and the particular mythic cycles, as I am still missing so many mythics, that I am just not in the position to wait for specific ones. I believe, that it must be really frustrating waiting for a specific mythic and not having any reliable rule to follow…

The randomness almost makes me start to believe, that mythics are included in the Soulforge cycles not by an algorithm, but by handwork. A part of me would like to be sure, that this is not possible, but… :upside_down_face:

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yet another disappointment :frowning:

At least devs showed us once that they are able to put another mythic by handwork to the soulforge, that can also be there for several weeks instead of one week and also raised the amount of seen mythics to 5.
They did that with Arachnaean Wever after “Weavergate”.

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don’t forget Pharos-Ra during that one Christmas time

Lol they know they fucked up. This morning after reset the servers were unavailable for approx 10 minutes, when I was able to log in Ullor and Archduke is in the forge :rofl: