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Kurandara in Soulforge this week at last!

That took quite a while but at last he’s with us :slight_smile:


14 weeks after the end of Campaign 1 if I’m counting correctly, meaning 10 weeks since the exclusive period expired. I kind of hope this isn’t the standard, but I’m pleasantly surprised we didn’t wind up needing to wait the full 18 possible weeks.

Lol finally got this monster.

So was anyone keeping track of the mythic cycles? Does his appearance here confirm mythics can get placed into the current rotation or did he get placed in a new rotation?

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Was placed into current rotation. There’s still 8 or so mythics to go in the current rotation before it resets.

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It might be changed after this release - that is the typical. A full cycle was 18 weeks, I heard, and it arrived upon the 14th week.

Thanks for heads up. I would probably miss it :D.