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Soulforge Mythic Rotation

Current rotation began Monday November 12 (one troop) and will end with one troops on November 12. The next rotation will start with one troop on January 7.

Last updated November 13, 2018.

Troops in Soulforge this week:

  • Gargantaur (last troop in previous rotation)
  • Draakulis
  • Gard’s Avatar
  • Megavore

Troops available to appear next week:

  • Abynissia
  • Arachnean Weaver
  • Champion of Anu
  • Death
  • Doomclaw
  • Elemaugrim
  • Euryali
  • Fallen Valdis
  • Famine
  • Gargantaur
  • Infernus
  • Jotnar Stormshield
  • Ketras the Bull
  • Pharos-Ra
  • Plague
  • Queen Aurora
  • Scorpius
  • Skadi
  • Stonehammer
  • Suna
  • The Wild Queen
  • The Worldbreaker
  • Ubastet
  • Undine
  • Voice of Orpheus
  • War
  • Wulfgarok
  • Yasmine’s Chosen

Troops that have already appeared in the current rotation:

  • none

Released mythics not available in current rotation:

  • The Possessed King (too new)
  • Zuul-Goth (permanent)

It has recently become known that beginning in January 2018, Mythic troops available for crafting in the Soulforge have been offerred on a “rotating” basis. This means that eligible troops are added to a pool at the beginning of a rotation and four troops are drawn out each week until none remain. The pool is then repopulated and the process begins again. I have been able to work out the start and end points of the 3 rotations since January and am now able to (relatively) securely predict the available troops as the pool empties each rotation. I will use this post to provide a categorized list of mythic troops which should help people to know at least a rough timeframe of when a desired mythic will appear in the Soulforge.

Please provide feedback and suggestions in the comments below and give me a like if you appreciate this.

Based on the first three rotations, it appears that new mythics are introduced only at the start of a rotation which begins approximately 4 weeks after their initial release. This assumption may be fine-tuned if any exceptions to this hypothesis occur. Edit to add: based on Ubastet being introduced into rotation 5, which started two weeks after it was released, it seems that newly released mythics might appear in any rotation which starts after the troop is released.

No mythic may appear in the Soulforge in consecutive weeks, so during crossover weeks or the first week of a new rotation, certain mythics won’t be eligible to appear until at least a week later.

Legendary troops work on a similar basis and we now have confirmation of the starting points for the last two rotations and some details on how the pool is populated. I will be tracking the Legendary rotation in the background but won’t be publishing a list as I do for the Mythics. If anyone wants details on where we are at on a particular Legendary troop, feel free to PM me or ask a question below. By my count, the current Legendary rotation should include 76 troops and began on September 17, 2018.


Good work. I wish someone would do this for the legendaries.


The list for legendaries is so long that I don’t really want to do the same thing here, but I am tracking the rotation on a spreadsheet. We’re still in the first cycle and from what I can tell, it started on February 19. With that and Taransworld, you can probably check for yourself. If you are interested in a particular one, let me know and I can tell you where it stands.

Also, I’m less sure about what they are going to do with newly introduced troops, so I’m more hesitant to make predictions on Legendaries. For example, Divine Ishbaala was released on February 18, the same day as the Legendary cycle started. Dish appeared in the Soulforge on April 30, so the rules for Legendaries appear to be different than Mythics, but I don’t have enough data to specify how yet. Maybe they get added to the pool after four weeks, maybe they get added right away, maybe something else?


Thanks for making this thread, @Stan. :heart_eyes_cat:


My only regret is that I have but one like to give.


Very useful thread! Thanks for doing it.


This thread will help a lot of people. Awesome.

As a little fun while we wait for next Monday’s Soul forge list, anyone want to speculate why Suna managed to show up briefly on this week’s reset?

The usual answer to that kind of question is “data entry error”. Further speculation probably doesn’t get us very far since we don’t know the exact mechanisms for these things to be updated, whether automatic or manual.

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It wasn’t just Suna, it was a whole bunch of unreleased troops in the coloured stones as well… so pretty sure it was a database coding bug - someone went and ticked a whole load of the wrong boxes…

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Thank you for this thread.

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Does anyone know when new mythics get added to the forge pool? Just curious.

Stan already gave us his theory, which seems as good as any until we have more data:


Ok thanks. Obviously I’m just lazy, or incompetent.

Based on @Stan’s theory, there have been 48 legendaries already in the Forge this cycle (from 19 February), leaving between 16 and 19 remaining to appear over the next 4 to 5 weeks:

  • Autumnal Imp
  • Behemoth - in forge 14 May
  • Borealis
  • Bunni’Nog - in forge 21 May
  • Chief Stronghorn - in forge 14 May
  • Emperor Khorvash - in forge 14 May
  • Emperor Liang
  • Gorgotha - in forge 21 May
  • Hyndla Frostcrown (quite new so may miss this rotation?)
  • Kerberos
  • Kruarg the Dread - in forge 21 May
  • Magnus
  • Queen Titania
  • Spring Imp - in forge 14 May
  • Summer Imp
  • The Widow Queen (quite new so may miss this rotation?) - in forge 21 May
  • Willow (very new so may miss this rotation?)
  • Winter Imp
  • Yao Guai

“Feedback and Suggestions”

  1. Incredibly useful thread @Stan.
  2. Move the Information to the very top and the exposition below it. (it helps with mobile screens).
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Thanks for the guide, Stan. It’s very useful for planning when to use Diamonds. I still miss some Mythics, and Summer Imp. According to your guide, I hope it’ll appear soon!

PS. I’ve changed your post topic to Community Guide, as it fits better. Also, your useful post will be easier to find and not lost in Gameplay Chat section. ^^


Updated for week of May 14.


Noticed that there are 17 Mythics remaining in the current rotation. What happens when they reach the end of the rotation and the remaining batch isn’t in a multiple of 4? What’s the precedent here like?

And lo, @Stan has already made his prediction. :slight_smile:

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Whoops, that didn’t actually connect. That’ll teach me to post first thing in the morning. :cowboy_hat_face::gun: Still curious if this has checked out for previous rotations though!

Now I’m wondering about the possibility of a mythic being available twice in 3 weeks (week before last, and the week after first batch)… but math was never my strong suit.