Tihamata (10 characters)

When are Tihamata supposed to be in the Soulforge?


sorry to tell, but in the next 19 weeks

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Pardon, say it again.

Last week the new mythics cycle started in the soul forge. The previous cycle had 77 troops in the pool, at 4 per week that’s 19 weeks to get through all of them. Any particular troop is seen once during the cycle, so Tihamata will be up at some point in the next 19 weeks or so.

I’m not sure why Tihamata didn’t get added to the previous cycle, I guess new troops don’t make it in mid-cycle? Not sure about the rules on that.

Except that the Fairy Gobmother did make it into the previous Soulforge cycle, and I believe she was the mythic from the campaign after Tihamata.

Which leads me to suspect that perhaps the wrong mythic got thrown into the tail end of the previous cycle, that it was meant to be the dragon but turned out to be the goblin instead. A mistake by the developers, I would guess.


Working as intended