Tihamata not in Soulforge

Is it correct, that Tihamata is still not found in the soulforge cycle? Looked at taransworld and did not find it there. The troop was the campagne-mythic and was released in December 2021 (talisman of wild magic)


There are still ~11 mythics in the current cycle that have not yet appeared. Tihamata is among them. If she doesn’t show up in the next 3-4 weeks, then we can riot :wink:


We saw Fairy Gobmother in the Soulforge last week. So I’d assume that Tihamatia is going to show up before everything rolls over again, even with the history of this game and even with what one can say about assumptions.

well, devs make their own rules since quite a time and there was no riot about Ullor wasn’t in last cycle, but Yvendra was.
so, at that point i only trust in consumer alert by a known player, devs are lying or ignoring players all the time.

Still no Tihamata. When does the current cycle end? 1 or 2 weeks?

The current cycle ends next week and the new cycle will commence as well.

The only mythic we haven’t seen this cycle that has appeared in previous cycles is The Archduke. Maybe coincidentally, it’s the mythic I’ve been waiting for given I’m star-blocked in Blighted Lands by not having two mythics, so of course it’s the last one for the current cycle. (I also now require Pan for the same reason, but if he doesn’t show up relatively quickly next month’s new mythic is also from Pan’s Vale and should circumvent that particular need for me.)

Given how we’ve seen Fairy Gobmother in the current cycle, it’s certainly possible that Tihamata will show up next week as well. I wouldn’t want to guarantee it given some of the foibles and flaws we’ve seen from these developers, but it’s not an unreasonable way to bet.