Anyone know when Ullor will be in the Soulforge?

Title says it all, but seems like I’ve been waiting for ages.

It’s impossible to know the exact date.
I’d say, Ullor will be in the Soulforge any time within the next 16 weeks as the current mythic cycle has just started


I don’t suppose you know why it wasn’t in the last cycle. As far as I know it’s never been in the Soulforge.

Ullor came out September 3 of last year. According to Taransworld’s history page, the new mythic cycle started September 6.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the composition of the Soulforge cycle was “locked” at the time when it starts, and that therefore Ullor was not included because he was not yet available in chests at that time. (Other than being the exclusive to Glory-Gem-Guild-VIP on that date.) That the week-by-week progression of the Soulforge cycle might not be locked into stone at that time, but the identity of all the troops that will be part of it does.

Ullor should be included as part of this cycle, but it’s anybody’s guess just when it will appear in the current run.


Makes sense, Cheers.