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Ubastet and Zuul...proof developers are clueless

So let me get this straight…a mythic which is a year/long time process to craft that costs 32 mana and only can be cast once…

Is worse than a 22 mana mythic that has no cast limits and pretty much always insta kills 2 troops.

This is 100% proof the people creating these cards do not test anything.


Sure they play test, just not to see if a character’s no fair to play against. If they didn’t have these insane characters, what would the rich kiddies spend their money on? :wink:


The real mind boggler is actually that it is classified as Boss. Since it can’t reach higher than level 20 for players, any Godslayer will cause it to evaporate instantly.


What is REALLY mindboggling is that players feel they need to make blanket hyperbolic rude statements when they don’t like something instead of providing thought-provoking feedback.

“But I’m passionate about the game!” Try being passionate about being a decent human being to other people.


That’s quite mindboggling, I honestly can’t tell whether you would count yourself to belong to the former or the latter group. I guess the line between blanket hyperbolic rude statements and thought-provoking feedback is a thin one indeed. :thinking:

The intrinsic value of Zuul’goth is bling. There are a lot of things players will do just to show they can get the expensive item, and to those players that is the carrot.

Proof: someone’s already rushed to craft it. The leaderboards every week require so many sigils the only way to populate them is with gem purchases.

So I’d argue ZG is working as intended: it talks the addicted gamblers into funding the game for those of us who don’t pay weekly.


Cheers to them. I’m not even slightly bothered with missing “Gothboy”.

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There is only one thing wrong with Zuul’goth - belonging to an actual kingdom. It should’ve been Apocalypse like Xathenos and no other option is acceptable.
Right now he is more than just a bling - he is necessary to 10-star a kingdom and, unless another ordinary mythic is released, there is a mission impossible (for 99% of playerbase) here.


Well, I’d argue that making Zuul a little better than a glorified paperweight might even talk the slightly less addicted gamblers into funding the game. I mean, sure, a paperweight is probably a nice thing to show around, it would be more impressive if it were balanced such as to not drop on your own foot whenever you set it down though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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He was just bling until they changed how kingdom stars work. Now, he is the only mythic from Karakoth. If you want to see a 10 star there anytime soon, you’ll need him.


10-starring a single kingdom is also bling, in the grand scheme. Let’s compare the two:

  • Zuul’goth requires you to put in immense resources to obtain over several months, or “some resources” over a year. It is a mediocre troop outclassed by many that are easier to obtain.
  • Pushing Karakoth to 10 stars takes an immense amount of resources including the ones required for Zuul’goth. The reward is a +1 bonus to magic, generally worth between 0.5 and 1.0 damage in any match.

One day, another Karakoth troop is going to release and then we’re going to whine, “I spent $800 pushing this kingdom to 10 stars and now some jerk can use gold keys to do what I did, I demand a Zuul’goth refund!”

It’s bling for the players who pay the bills.

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I mostly agree, but Ashasekayi means it that a Base Mythic is required for the tenth star.

Still, i’m pretty sure i’ll live to see the second Mythic of Karakoth appear before i’m able to craft “Gothboy”.



We will have to agree to disagree on that. In my book, gaining +2 magic isn’t just “bling”.

Obviously, we can assume that they will add another mythic to Karakoth “someday”. That is irrelevant to my point that “before” the kingdom star change, Zuul was just a brag trophy. Now, he is a 10 star bottleneck for most players since you need a base mythic for that level.


Are they planning to release two base Mythics per Kingdom? It seems a lot. I will probably play this game until I go to old home, anyway. So I would be fine.

I don’t know which of us is right, but I’m assuming the “+2 kingdom skill bonus” means your bonus changes from +1 to +2. So you won’t have a total of +3 magic, you’ll have a total of +2. While I admit that has an effect on gameplay, I think the reason we might see players with ZG do well has more to do with “they play the game an awful lot” than “their Ubastet hits for 1 more damage”.

That said, stepping back, I see how it’d be more pleasant if ZG were in a pseudokingdom like Apocalypse, because then 10-starring Karakoth would be “I’ll do it around the 12th of never” instead of “Oh, so THAT is how they’ll get players to craft Zuul’goth.”

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People who complain about people complaining. Are without a doubt… My favorite people in this world. :heart:


Doordash Support is trying to save money…

We already have 10+ stars planned so that’s my guess if the game is alive by the time that is.

If a 2nd Mythic comes for Karakoth I am gonna make a big grave. I already crafted a few Power Orbs for Zuul’Goth.

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I think it’s pretty safe to assume we won’t see a new Mythic for Karakoth so soon, so your investiments won’t be in vain. Also, there is literally nothing else to do with the orbs right now that you couldn’t do with enough time.

Consider this:

The period of months in RED is roughly what could be an acceptable (?) time to craft an Orb of Power. The GREEN arrows/pyramids would be (single) cards you could use said Orbs to fully upgrade then, but in theory they can all be upgraded in the same month they are released using normal resources even commom cards if you use enough gold keys and gold.
So, what’s the point of using orbs if not for crafting Zuul anyway? You are not missing anything.

The little BLUE squares are threads where we’ll argue over silly things on each month. Each square is the equivalent of ten threads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, my point is: To a certain degree some things won’t matter when you consider the timeframe as a whole, they only seems to matter if you look at things with an immediatist perspective.

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