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Twin guilds. one issue

If you have two or more guilds that work together? Whether players jump between them it is fair? So just I ask what you or the players think about it? :slight_smile:

it is fair - since guild system is not abusable
(meaning ppl cant collect rewards from same task more then once/week regardless from which guild it comes)

but i do not recommend too much jumping around as creating chaos usually doesnt support building up community/loyalty

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Of course it’s fair. Members moving between related guilds is no different than individual players moving from guild to guild. Assets such as trophy counts, seals etc. can’t be double donated or counted. Why would you think this is unfair? I would like to understand your reasoning on why you think it might not be.


I do not understand? why do you think of this statement, I asked the only question is what do you think? :wink:

The original question does read very much like someone trolling. Trying to start an issue where there isn’t any.

The main benefit, I see, right now of having two highly active guilds with similar names is the publicity they get from being on the Top 100 leader board. It’s not any type of unfair advantage, but probably helps recruit the most active players. Just like @Tacet and his guild’s hard work helps them recruit.

I doubt Guild Wars will be designed in a way that having “Allied” guilds giving any major advantage. The most is might do is let them shift players around at the resets to try to take ranks 1 and 2, vs having a major excess of trophies for rank 1 and having the sister guild rank 10. Yet, if this shifting happens, to try and balance for taking 1st and 2nd, it will open the door for other active guilds to pass both.