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Several guilds under one flag

As many people know, some guild heads create not only one guild, but a number of guilds, Daughters, Academics. So, it is difficult and problematic to switch between them, I propose to organize a corridor between guilds or make a code for a guild so that a person from one alliance can easily move from one to another guild, you can still synchronize the guild in order to switch between them (but it is more suitable for the heads of the guild) I understand that it is difficult to organize anything out of this, do you think? write your opinion.


Add to that - restore the ability to appoint the second from top be able to kick or add a second guild master

Pretty sure @Saltypatra or @Kafka posted somewhere in another thread a while back that anything that makes it easier for a player to float back & forth between multiple guilds wasn’t going to happen. I forget where it was said though.

@Taisiakat also thought a rework or expansion of guild roles to make them more meaningful/useful was being considered a while back so something may still come of that.

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The one shred of this I think can be implemented without risking some weirdo exploits is I think it’d be nice if the game had some concept of “sister guilds” and could allow one designated person to perform actions in multiple guilds.

Our network has many guilds with varying degrees of requirements, and sometimes people want to move around within them. It requires our guild “management” to maintain a handful of alts and, along with that, to play said alts so each guild isn’t “down” a person.

So it’d be interesting if you could set up a “network” of guilds and let one/some people oversee that “network”, performing tasks as if they were guild leaders of each guild without the requirement of being in each guild.

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I think it was here

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Some options can still be implemented, for example, yes, you could assign a certain person to the guild and so that he could easily move, you can also make an invait or type a password for the guild to switch without loosing the guild, in general, there are many options you want. but to know that people have 3-4 guilds under one leadership and do not really help them in this

Another important question is the transfer of gold, if they make an invitation for the guild, then I think you can send gold without leaving the guild, for this moment of running around so that only gold can be sent or a person sent so that the statues are closed as it is not very good, it must be agreed and the chapter on the spot was very hard to control a lot of the guild