Combining Guilds

We have a main guild and a sister guild. In our main guild we sometimes have a member that becomes inactive for real life situations. I would love to have an option where you can link one or more guilds to your main guild to enable the GM to move members around from main guild to second or third guild (there should be a maximum allowance of guild linking for example Main guild plus 2 ). Reason for this would be as follows:

  1. Members that is inactive due to real life situations can be moved by GM to the sister guild.
  2. Performance of Member in GW is not as required in main guild can be moved by GM to the sister guild.

This would be a very usefull tool to help guild members who is not able to meet weekly requirements instead of GM having to boot the member and lose a possibly valuable member. Sometimes these members do not have control on life situations and they end up having to look for a new guild where they possibly could lose interest in Gems of War. I believe Gems of War is building communities/ gaming families and having a perfect fit in each guild.


I think it be a great idea to have a merger option. Many of the top guilds have sister factions that’s utilized for either players that have a hectic life or up and coming players who are still working on developing their account.

I would like to add a second suggestion regarding raising the criteria to build a guild. Their are so many dead or inactive guilds out there that pollute GW. My suggestion is either raise the gold needed to build a guild or put a LV requirement :thinking:

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It sounds good and it works for well-knit and long-time guilds, where players wouldn’t mind the GL to move their accounts around. The way this game has set up guilds, I am not quite sure if the devs would encourage this. Anyway, good luck. :slight_smile:

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